Preparing to Return to Work

As some parts of the world gradually witness a drop in Coronavirus cases, government-imposed restrictions implemented to prevent further spread of the disease are lessening. Included in such reign loosening is the reopening of professional offices following mandatory stay at home orders. After several months away from their Singapore Workspace, many workers aren’t sure how to prepare for a return or what to expect once the event in question occurs. The following brief blog offers several suggestions.
Readjust Schedules
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Working from home likely afforded many quarantined employees the opportunity to create their own schedule or operate on a far less stringent timetable than they followed before the outbreak. In preparation for a return to office life and your regular Singapore Workspace, impacted subjects will once again need to allot the appropriate time to attend to necessary activities, such as grooming, dressing, eating breakfast, tending to any other duties they must fulfill before leaving for work and commuting. Time conflicts can be avoided by setting alarms an hour or two earlier than during the lockdown period.
Practice Good Hygiene
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In many instances, companies will establish health and safety guidelines employees will be expected to follow when they return to their Singapore Workspace. That said, individuals are encouraged to abide by hygienic practices designed to prevent illness, such as frequent hand washing with warm water and soap, using hand sanitizer, adhering to social distancing provisions, refraining from handshaking, avoiding persons who appear discernibly ill and staying home when experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms or the physical manifestations of other potentially serious and contagious ailments.
Adopt A Healthier Lifestyle
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Individuals can improve their chances of staying in good health after returning to work by adopting optimal lifestyle practices, including:
Consuming A Balanced Diet
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The consumption of foods and beverages rich in vitamins and minerals, like produce and grain products, is key to providing the body with energy and strengthening the immune system. Moreover, items laden with excessive quantities of potentially detrimental substances, like sugar, fat and salt shouldn’t be eaten much, if at all.
Getting Adequate Amounts Of Sleep
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Few activities boost the immune system like sleep. Working adults who fail to get anywhere from seven to nine hours of rest per evening aren’t only at risk of weakening their immune systems but experiencing higher degrees of anxiety. During prolonged sleepless durations, the body releases greater concentrations of chemicals known as stress hormones, which could exercise an adverse impact over many systemic tracts.
Physical activity isn’t only pertinent to strengthening the body’s exterior and interior structures, but provides a productive outlet for stress and anxiety.
Practice Patience And Adaptability
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Above all, those returning to their offices are strongly encouraged to develop a significant degree of patience and adaptability. Employees are encouraged to remember they won’t likely witness the sights or expectations they faced before the lockdown. In adherence with health and safety guidelines, companies and organizations may reconfigure office space and make any other needed changes to conform with such regulations. These alterations might be difficult to adapt to at first. However, those who show patience and a willingness to adapt won’t grow frustrated and stand a better chance of becoming acclimated with greater expediency.