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What is Self Storage?

Self Storage is your own personal Storage space. Small or large, you lock the space and keep the key. Storefriendly Singapore is your safe, clean and reliable self storage provider. We provide quality, reliable and secure storage to our customers to solve the storage problem.

What is Storefriendly?

Storefriendly comes in different room sizes which helps you optimize space to free up the mess in your life.

What is StorefriendlyGO?

StorefriendlyGO is a cutting edge technology where you wait for your storage to deliver to you improving customer experience. Your items are also secured in a no man zone.

What is Storefriendly On Demand?

On Demand helps you to bring all sizes of objects from your place to our facility. You do not need to visit our storage space in Singapore as we collect and deliver your items to you whenever you want it.

What is Workfriendly?

Workfriendly is a service where you are able to optimize storage space while working at the same time.


How can I get my goods to Storefriendly

Customers can use their own transport or Storefriendly movers can pick up your goods when you move in. Ask us in the office for details to deliver. Storefriendly can help you to move your storage items to another location, like your home or office.

What items can be stored?

Most household items, business items and commercial items can be stored in our storage spaces at Storefriendly. Items that cannot be stored in any of our storage spaces include dangerous goods such as toxic/corrosive/oxidizing materials, flammable gases/liquids, gunpowder/firearms, batteries, and prohibited/controlled items and fuel or diesel. Mowers must be drained of fuel.

How safe is Self Storage at Storefriendly?

Storing your goods at Storefriendly provides a clean and safe environment for all items stored by customers. We take storing your valuables seriously. It is extremely important that your personal safety is considered when you visit and the security of the stored items in Storefriendly. Our Self Storage spaces are safe and well-lit. In addition, there are CCTV and 24/7 surveillance system in all our branches.

How long do I have to sign up for?

Storefriendly customers do not sign a long-term lease. We use a simple SSAA approved Storage agreement. You only stay for as long as you need. You can move in immediately on the day they sign the agreement. Your stay can be as short as one month and give us at least 14 day’s notice to move out. Storage fees are paid monthly in advance and can be paid by cash, cheque, credit card.

Do you provide packing services?

No, as we respect your privacy when it comes to the items you store in your boxes. When packing your items, please ensure that items are safely wrapped in bubble wrap or packaging paper if necessary. All items should be carefully packed so that they can be safely transported and stored.


When can I access my goods?

Storefriendly offers easy access with a smart card and biometric security access that is convenient to our customers. You can store and pick up your items during the opening hours without any additional payment or telephone reservation. We have trolleys to assist you at the loading dock.

I’ll like to store my items for 1 month and x days. How much would I be charged?

Unfortunately, we’ll have to charge for the entire next month regardless if you store for 1 extra day or 20 extra days.

On Demand

Will you provide boxes?

Yes, we provide boxes for our On Demand service. Any other materials can be bought from our Box Shop store.

Can I take a look at my stuff?

Schedule an appointment before 12pm the day before.

Can my items be delivered to another address?

Absolutely, just enter the address you need the items to be sent back to and we’ll deliver them there. If you want them to be delivered to another person, please enter their contact information. Upon delivery, please make sure they have a photo ID with them so that we can verify that your items are being delivered to the correct person.

How many days do I have to unpack the boxes upon receiving my packed boxes?

To not let the empty boxes get in your way, we advise that you unpack and empty the boxes for our collection upon return of your boxes.

Alternatively, for orders more than 5 boxes, we understand that you may require more time to unpack and would prefer us to come back at a later date for collection of the empty boxes. Please schedule a collection of your empty boxes within 1 week from the date that the boxes were delivered to you. Once the 1 week period has passed, storage charges apply.

Can i do a self retrieval of my boxes?

First you would need to;

  1. Schedule an appointment 1 working day before
  2. Retrieval is available only on Mondays-Fridays, 10am – 12 pm, 2pm – 5pm. Not available on weekends and public holidays.
  3. Admin charge applies per visit.

How much a box can store?

Each box measures 60L x 40W x 31H (cm). Depending on the items you’re storing, one box can store an average of 80 books. You may use the space calculator to ensure that you have the right amount of boxes.

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