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How hot desking can help everyone

How hot desking can help everyone

You would be forgiven if you have not heard the term “hot desking” until recently. No, it is not something to do with our weather, but is an organisational work space system that maximises space efficiency. Desks are used on an ad-hoc basis, with no fixed places. This system can be implemented within companies or coworking spaces like Workfriendly Singapore; and we even offer storage space.

We have a range of amenities to keep your business running smoothly. From high-speed internet to printing and integrated storage space, we cater to everything from startups to bigger enterprises. Here are some more ways hot-dealing can help your business, no matter what it is.

For up-and-coming enterprises

For small companies, flexibility is needed for growth. When growing a team, it is important to keep costs down, and that means working remotely or at the very least, having a flexible office situation. Our flexible contracts here at Workfriendly allow you to scale-up or down at a moment’s notice. Some workers such as consultants, part-timers, and interns may not need their own desks, so hot desks are the perfect for them. The flexibility of hot desking comes with its ability to provide a temporary place to whomever and whenever they need it. This will eliminate some of the risks tied to investing in a fixed office space and the costs associated with it, like hiring cleaning staff and buying equipment. Having an open work environment could also subconsciously encourage more creative thinking and innovation.

For the self-employed

Freelancers and entrepreneurs often embrace the “nomadic” life, but it can get lonely being solitary. Working at home can also get distracting after a while, especially if family members are all around. Hot desking provides the extra space so dearly needed. The flexible contracts here at Workfriendly give you the option of being in an office, and surrounding yourself with like-mixed professionals. Although having a self-determined schedule can be a dream for most, networking may sometimes take a backseat. Hot desking also provides you with a convenient meeting place for clients or a convenient workspace if you are juggling multiple projects in different locations.

Increased connections and collaborations are something that is useful for all, and an open work space does just that. Hot desking can improve one’s chances of securing new opportunities, as individuals from all walks of life convene in one space.

Flexible storage at one’s fingertips

Here at Workfriendly Singapore, we also have an integrated storage option for businesses who need it. This is a handy option for extra space for those who need their stock at hand or just want all their work in one place. This storage space eliminates the time spent travelling from one place to another to collect stock and also speeds up efficiency. This is perfect for e-commerces or art-related businesses which need more storage space at hand.