Barbie Doll Storage

Welcome to the essential guide on Barbie doll storage. In this post, we’ll explore effective methods to preserve and protect your cherished Barbie collection. From selecting the right containers to maintaining ideal conditions, we ensure your Barbies remain timeless. Let’s delve into keeping your collectibles in perfect shape.

Key Point Summary
Barbie’s Origin Ruth Handler created Barbie to inspire girls, debuting in 1959.
Barbie’s Evolution From a $3 toy to a collector’s item, Barbie now has a cult-following and high-value editions.
Cleaning Barbies Use a soft cloth for cleaning, avoid harsh chemicals, and dry thoroughly.
Storing Accessories Separately store small accessories in organized containers.
Storage Containers Use plastic containers with secure lids, taller than the dolls.
Packaging Dolls Wrap dolls in acid-free tissue or soft cloth, and tie hair back neatly.
Climate-Controlled Storage Choose climate-controlled storage to protect dolls from temperature and humidity.
Regular Maintenance Inspect dolls quarterly for optimal condition and storage environment.
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Ruth Handler saw her son had toys that allowed him to imagine himself as a firefighter, astronaut, doctor, and more. This inspired Ruth to create Barbie – showing girls they could be anything.

When Barbie debuted in 1959, she wore a black and white swimsuit in Chevron print, had white-framed cat-eye sunglasses perched atop, and open-toe black heels at her feet. Her hair was coiffed into a ponytail, and her fringe, permed to perfection. Possibly the first to nail the #bombasticsideye before it even trended in 2023, Barbie wore that expression at the New York Toy Fair, waiting to be purchased at $3 per pop.

By 2009, a Barbie doll cost $14, proving detractors that she was here to stay. At 64 years old, Barbie is slaying with her own movie and a cult-following of 3 million followers on Instagram. The Diamond Barbie, currently the most expensive version, now retails at $302,500.

Barbie has withstood the age of time and has captured the hearts of generations with her forward-looking philosophies, timeless charm, and endless possibilities for imaginative play. If you are a Barbie collector or enthusiast, you would know how essential it is to keep these iconic dolls in pristine condition. Whether you’re looking to store your cherished Barbie collection temporarily during a move or for the long term, self-storage can be the perfect solution.

Clean and Prepare Your Barbie Dolls

cleaning barbie
Unless you are ready to paint Barbie’s face by yourself, do not wipe her with acetone or harsh chemicals.

Before placing your Barbie dolls into self-storage, it’s crucial to ensure they are clean and well-prepared for storage. Use a soft, damp cloth to gently wipe away dust or dirt from the doll’s surface. Avoid harsh chemicals or water, which may damage the doll’s delicate features or clothing. Allow the dolls to air dry thoroughly before proceeding.

Additionally, consider removing any accessories or clothing that could potentially cause damage during storage. Small items like jewelry, shoes, and bags should be stored separately in containers with small compartments to keep Barbie’s accessories visible and organized.

Choose the Right Storage Containers

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The Barbie 20-Doll Store It All Portable Trunk with Handle and Wheels is a great travelling companion!

Selecting suitable storage containers is vital to protect your Barbie dolls from dust, pests, and potential damage. Opt for plastic containers with secure lids to shield your dolls from environmental factors. Containers taller than Barbie herself are ideal – in this way, she can be stored standing. It is not advisable to lay the dolls on each other as they might be squashed. Other materials to help Barbie ‘stand’ are these pocket-friendly plastic stands that can be purchased online. Avoid using cardboard boxes, as they attract pests and are more susceptible to moisture damage.

Properly Package Your Barbie Dolls

To ensure your Barbie dolls remain pristine, wrap each doll in acid-free tissue paper or clean, soft cotton cloth to prevent any color transfer or scratches during transportation and storage. Gently tie their hair back to avoid tangling and potential damage. You can use soft fabric scrunchies or hair ties to keep the hair neat and secure.

Consider Climate-Controlled Storage

Aircon in a storage unit

Temperature and humidity fluctuations can be detrimental to the condition of your Barbie dolls. Self-storage facilities such as Storefriendly come with 24/7 air-conditioning, climate-controlled to provide a stable environment. Self-storage facilities aid in protecting your dolls from extreme heat, cold, or humidity, deterring mold growth or deterioration.

Arrange Barbie Dolls Carefully

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Jian’s doll-inventory is in his head!

Jian, the world’s second-largest Barbie doll collector, owner of an award-winning PR Agency, Distilleri, and Storefriendly ambassador, places a fraction of his 12,000-strong Barbie on the storage racks in his storage unit. Some of his doll accessories are also kept in tapeless Storefriendly boxes. You can head down to Storefriendly Paya Lebar to have a glance at his display unit. From ION Orchard to the Mint Museum of Toys, Jian is always on the go, displaying his dolls at iconic places in Singapore.

Regular Checkups and Maintenance

Even in self-storage, it’s essential to periodically check on your Barbie dolls to ensure their condition remains optimal. Aim for quarterly inspections, during which you can clean the storage containers, check for any signs of pests or damage, and repackage the dolls if necessary.

If you would like to explore storing your Barbie dolls or any collectibles in a place where moths and rust cannot corrode, contact our Customer Relations team at Storefriendly or simply book your storage unit online.