Unique Businesses in Singapore

In today’s world, we need to stand out from the crowd or risk becoming a relic of the past. No one understands this adage better than these four unique businesses in Singapore. Read on to discover how these enterprises embrace and celebrate their special idiosyncrasies!

Algordanza: Celebrating Your Loved Ones Through Diamonds

Set up in 2004, Algordanza preserves the memories of your loved ones by turning their ashes into a brilliant diamond. While seemingly an unorthodox way to honour those who have departed, crystallising their ashes into diamonds enables you to truly carry them with you, always, in a beautiful gemstone.

Sajeev Photo Studio: Finding Love Via Photographs

A decades-old enterprise designed to bring compatible individuals together, Sajeev Photo Studio help snap dashing portraits of young male foreign workers working in Singapore. Foreign workers tend to send these photos back to their parents in South Asia. They can even use these charming portraits to search for the right bride. Sajeev captures you at your very best to help you find the love of your life.

Saberfit: Become a Jedi

The same boring exercise routines and the run-of-the-mill spin classes gets old fast. Enter SaberFit, Singapore’s one and only saber fitness workout provider. Unleash your inner jedi by wielding your trusty lightsaber whilst losing a couple of pounds at the same time! This interesting experience hence qualifies it as one of the most unique businesses in Singapore.

Pally Asia: Bridesmaid & Groomsmen For Hire

Your big day is rapidly approaching. However, your trusty sidekick or bridesmaid has fallen ill and will not be able to make it. Where will you scramble to find a replacement at such a short notice? Fear not, Pally Asia has got your back. This special business links people searching for companions such as bridesmaids or groomsmen with individuals keen to fill in the roles. After all, not all of us are blessed with dozens of good friends, and that’s where Pally Asia comes in.


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