Self Storage Prices in Singapore: Ultimate 2024 Comparison Guide

You aren’t alone if you’ve got too much stuff and too little space. But before you start cramming boxes into every last corner or try to “Tetris” that dining table into the coat closet, temporary storage at a self storage facility is ever available to the rescue.

Oh, we seem to get why you are yet to rent storage space — figuring out storage unit sizes, prices, and locations can make one’s head spin. We understand your plight and have put together this detailed guide comparing self storage prices in Singapore.

Whether you need a little breathing room for your studio apartment, extra room for the kids’ never-ending toys, or secure space for your business supplies, this guide presents a detailed cost analysis alongside expert tips to ensure you find the perfect storage space.

Comparing Self Storage Prices Across Facilities in Singapore

Let’s start with a self storage price comparison in Singapore focusing on the top self storage providers.


Options Storefriendy Storhub Lock+Store Spaceship Extraspace
Size (Sqft) 54 54 54 100 47
Branch Balestier Hougang Tampines Ang Mo Kio Kallang Way
Type Air-Con Air-Con Air-Con Air-Con Air-Con
Monthly Base Price $383.06 $457.96 $385.20 $642.00 $319.93
Promotion Type 1.5 Months Free & 15% Discount After First Month Free & 30% Discount After 25% Discount 15% Discount First Month At $1 & 30% Discount After
Rental Price for 6 Months $1,396.20 $1,602.85 $1,733.40 $3,274.20 $2,226.55
Insurance $19.26 $19.26 $19.26 $19.26 $19.26
Admin Fees $26.75 $21.40 $32.10 $21.40 $32.10
Total $1,442.21 $1,643.51 $1,784.76 $3,314.86 $2,277.91
Price PSF $4.45 $5.07 $5.51 $5.52 $8.08


The above table shows how the cost of storage units can vary depending on the facility. Several factors influence storage space costs in Singapore, as explained in the next section.

4 Factors That Influence Self Storage Prices in Singapore

Storage space prices in Singapore differ owing to various factors, such as sizes, location, demand, and additional services provided by the facility.

1. Storage Size

The larger your storage unit, the higher the price, although at a lower rate per square foot. In Singapore, you can expect to pay $3.5–$5 per square foot per month for units below 200 square feet and $2.8–$4 for units above 200 square feet. The more space you need to store your belongings, the lesser the cost per square foot.

2. Location

Storage facilities located in prime, central areas of Singapore, like Orchard Road or Marina Bay, generally charge higher rental fees due to higher demand and property costs. Facilities in less central residential neighbourhoods or industrial estates usually offer lower rates. If saving money is a priority, consider facilities a short drive from the city centre.

3. Demand and Climate Control

As Singapore’s population grows, the demand for self storage increases, driving prices up. Climate-controlled units are also more expensive since they require additional investment in cooling equipment. Non-climate-controlled units without temperature regulation are a more affordable option if you’re storing items that can handle Singapore’s hot and humid weather.

4. Add-on Services

Some storage companies offer additional services for a fee, like moving and packing supplies, as well as transportation assistance. While convenient, these add-ons can increase your total bill. Only pay for what you truly need.

With self storage prices varying based on multiple factors, you have options to find a space that fits your budget. Do some comparison shopping at different facilities to get the space and features you want at a price you can afford. To further guide your search, continue reading to learn more about the average prices of self storage in Singapore.

Average Storage Prices in Singapore

Singapore is a land-scarce country, so self storage solutions are popular options for households and businesses needing extra space. Storage spaces range from pocket-sized 2m units to warehouse-sized ones to suit your needs.

Here is how each compares in costs:

Personal Storage

For personal items, expect to pay $3.50 to $5 per square foot per month. So, a small 30 sq ft unit would cost up to $150 a month or more in some cases. The more space you need, the lower the per-square-foot rate; renting for longer also allows you to take advantage of discounts. From the table above, Storefriendly’s monthly rate for a 54 sq ft unit when rented for 6 months amounts to about $240.

Business Storage

Business storage typically costs more depending on the storage facility and features offered. Add-ons like extra security features and signage rights increase the rate. Hot desking space for entrepreneurs starts at $280 a month for a small office. For private workspaces, budget $640 to $1,040 monthly, depending on size.

Specialised Storage

Wine storage, with controlled temperature and humidity, generally ranges from $90 to $230 per month, depending on size. Artwork and document storage also command a premium due to strict climate control and security requirements.

In summary, storage costs in Singapore depend on the type, size, location, and features. For most personal and business needs, you can find a good, secure solution for $3.50 to $5 per square foot. Shop around at different facilities to compare rates and get the best value for your money! And if you’d prefer to have an idea of storage pricing based on the actual unit size, check out the below section!

Average Storage Prices in Singapore by Unit Size

If you need to store extra belongings in a storage space in Singapore, the size of the storage unit will significantly impact the monthly cost. In general, the larger the unit, the higher the price per square foot. However, larger units often come with discounts since you’re renting more space.

Small Units (Up to 200 sqft)

The smallest self storage units in Singapore, around 6×8 feet, start at around $328 per month. These are ideal if you just need to store a few boxes or small pieces of furniture. The price for units less than 200 square feet averages between $3.50 and $5.00 per square foot. So you can expect to pay $350 to $1,000 per month for a 100 to 200-square-foot unit.

Mid-Size Units (200 to 500 sqft)

Mid-size units ranging from 200 to 500 square feet are a popular choice for many Singaporeans storing furniture and household goods in an apartment. Expect to pay $2.8 to $4 per square foot for a unit of this size. That works out to $800 to $1,400 per month for a 200 to 500-square-foot storage unit. Discounts and special offers from storage companies often apply to these mid-size units, so you may be able to find lower prices.

Large Units (Over 500 sqft)

Renting a large self storage unit over 500 square feet provides the most space for commercial or residential needs. With a per-square-foot rate of $2.8, you can expect to pay anything around $1,403 to $4,200 per month for a 500 to 1,500-square-foot unit. The exact rate will depend on the storage company, location, and any current promotions. For the largest units, you may be able to negotiate lower long-term lease rates.

You can find self storage in Singapore for virtually any need and budget. Do some research on storage companies in your desired area to compare rates and find the cheapest Singapore storage facility based on the size and type of unit you require. We will further break down the cost by the size of your home in the next section.

Self Storage Cost By Home Size

If you’re looking to rent a self storage unit to stash home items in Singapore, the size of your home will directly impact the storage space you need and how much you can expect to pay. For most homeowners and apartment dwellers, a small or medium unit will suit your needs nicely.

Small Homes (1–2 Bedroom)

If you live in a small space, a compact self storage unit around 5×5 to 5×10 square feet should provide enough room for extra belongings without breaking the bank. You can expect to pay between $125 and $175 per month for a unit this size. Popular items for these units include seasonal decorations, sports equipment, and memorabilia.

Medium Homes (3 Bedroom)

For mid-sized homes, a unit between 5×15 and 10×15 square feet is a good choice. These units typically run from $263 to $525 per month. They can hold small furniture like chairs, tables and mattresses in addition to boxes. If you need short-term storage during a move or renovation, a unit this size is ideal.

Large Homes (4+ Bedrooms)

While a significant 80% of Singapore’s 6 million residents live in flats built by the Housing and Development Board, multi-bedroom mansions exist across the city-state. If you happen to live in these big homes, you likely have more belongings to store.

A large self storage unit of 10×20 feet or more is ideal and rents for around $700 per month, depending on the facility and amenities. These spacious units can hold couches, dressers, cabinets and other bulky furniture. They are also suitable for storing inventory or archives if you run a business.

In summary, your home size will determine the size and price of storage units you’ll be renting. And if you happen to run a business requiring storage needs, the self storage prices you’ll encounter generally depend on the facility offering the service and the features provided. We provide a detailed breakdown of these costs below!

Self Storage Costs for Businesses

As a business owner, extra storage space is often a necessity. Storefriendly offers secure storage solutions for companies of all sizes. Our business storage units come equipped with amenities like 24/7 CCTV monitoring, individually alarmed units, and electronic gate access.

Here is a breakdown of the costs for different business needs:

Hot Desking

If you’re looking for an affordable coworking space, hot desking is a great option. For a monthly fee, you’ll have access to a shared workspace and business facilities. Hot desks can cost anywhere from $280 to $640 per month, depending on the location and features. Popular locations like our Paya Lebar branches may fall on the higher end of that range.

Private Office Space

For businesses wanting their own dedicated office space, we offer flexible private storage unit sizes. Prices start around $640 and go up to $1,040 per month. Private office spaces provide the flexibility and privacy many companies need. They’re ideal if you have sensitive documents or equipment that requires extra security.

Whether you need a small hot desk or a 500-square-foot vault, Storefriendly has secure and cheap storage space for your business. Our facilities provide the space, flexibility, and amenities to help your company thrive. With 7 different locations across Singapore, we make it easy to find storage near you. Get a quote today to kick off your storage search!

One thing you should always have at the back of your mind is that Singapore is an expensive city, so finding an affordable self storage facility can be challenging. To help you find a unit that fits your budget, we’ve compiled some excellent tips you can employ in your search — more details below!

6 Tips to Get the Best Self Storage Rates in Singapore

To get competitive storage space prices in Singapore that match your budget, consider adhering to the following tips:

  1. Compare prices.
  2. Negotiate the best deal.
  3. Pay in advance.
  4. Rent a smaller unit.
  5. Take advantage of discounts and promotions.
  6. Ask about additional fees.

1. Compare prices.

One of the best ways to find an affordable storage unit is to compare rates across different facilities. Check their official websites for current promotions and deals. Some storage companies offer discounted first month’s rent or lock-in rates for long-term leases. You may be able to save 10–30% off standard rates.

2. Negotiate the best deal.

Don’t be afraid to negotiate with storage facilities to try and lower the monthly rent. Explain your budget constraints and storage needs to see if they can offer you a more competitive price. Some places may match or beat competitor rates to win your business. The worst they can say is no, so you have nothing to lose by trying.

3. Pay in advance.

If possible, pay 3–6 months of rent in advance. Most storage companies will offer a discount for prepaying multiple months at a time. You can often get the biggest discounts by paying 6–12 months upfront. Just make sure the facility is reputable before paying that much in advance.

4. Rent a smaller unit.

Only rent as much space as you actually need. Don’t get a large 10×15 unit if you can fit everything into a 5×10. The smaller the unit, the lower your monthly rent will be. Measure your belongings before renting to determine the minimum size required. You can always move into a bigger unit later if you need more space.

5. Take advantage of discounts and promotions.

Most storage facilities regularly offer move-in specials, online coupons and seasonal promotions. Check their website and social media for the latest deals. You may find discounts of up to 50% off standard rates if you rent at the right time. These kinds of promotions can help you save big on self storage in Singapore.

6. Ask about additional fees.

Check if there are any extra fees in addition to the base rent, like insurance, administration, or utility fees. These can add an extra 10–30% to your total bill, so see if any fees are optional or negotiable. Some places may waive certain fees if you pay rent in advance or sign a long-term lease.

By incorporating the above tips in your search for self storage, you can ensure you’re not paying more than required to stash your items! Additional costs, in particular, can be in the form of hidden fees. By being on the lookout for these fees, you can ensure you have the most competitive self storage prices in your area. So, what are these hidden fees that may not be evident in the lease agreement or a self storage website? Let’s find out below!

5 Hidden Fees to Watch Out for When Renting Storage

Once you’ve found a storage unit that meets your needs and budget, don’t be caught off guard by unexpected fees in the rental contract. Be sure to ask about any additional charges before signing a rental agreement.

Here are examples of hidden fees we recommend looking out for:

  1. Monthly protection plan
  2. Administrative fees
  3. Automatic renewals and late fees
  4. Security deposit
  5. Round-the-clock access fees

1. Monthly Protection Plan

Storage facilities may require a monthly protection plan in addition to rental fees. Hidden fees for this added service can start at $3 per month, depending on the value of the goods.

Some storage facilities may have these mandatory monthly protection plans built into rental contracts. This helps protect the facility in case of damage to your belongings. While a protection plan is optional, some facilities require a minimum coverage amount of $1,000.

2. Administrative Fees

Setup or administrative fees are common and typically range from $10 to $20. These one-time fees cover the cost of creating your rental account and providing you access to the storage unit.

3. Automatic Renewals and Late Fees

Storage rental contracts often have automatic renewal clauses, meaning if you don’t provide proper notice, your contract will renew for another term at the current rental rate. The notice period is usually around 14 to 30 days but can be shorter or longer, so check your contract. Late fees are another common hidden charge, ranging from 10% to 20% of the due amount if your payment is more than a few days past due.

4. Security Deposit

One extra fee to budget for is a security deposit, which is refundable when you vacate your unit. Deposits ranging from $20 to $40 are typical. Make sure any deposits will be refunded as long as you meet the conditions of your rental agreement regarding proper move-out and unit condition. Carefully reviewing your storage facility’s policies up front and understanding all potential fees will help ensure there are no costly surprises when it’s time to move in or out.

5. Round-the-Clock Access Fees

It’s not unusual for some facilities to have additional fees for 24/7 access, so ask about access hours and any restrictions before signing a contract. Compare several facilities to find one with the most convenient access, best security, and fewest hidden charges for your needs. That way, you can feel confident your precious belongings will be safely stored at a fair price.

Knowing the different hidden fees facilities charge puts you in a better position to select the best self storage prices in Singapore. At Storefriendly, we have some of the most affordable storage units while still providing the best service possible. Our units are technology-inclined, and we offer a wide range of services, including wine storage as well as private space and hot-desking for businesses. Contact us now to learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much should I pay for storage?

How much you will pay for storage in Singapore depends on the size of the unit:

  • For a smaller space of 20 to 40 square feet, you’ll pay between $5.2 and $6.8 per square foot.
  • A mid-range option of 40 to 60 square feet will cost $4.2 to $6 per square foot.
  • If you need more room, 60 to 100 square feet of space are priced at $3.8 to $4.5 per square foot.
  • For even larger storage needs, 120 to 200 square feet of space runs from $3.4 to $3.8 per square foot.

To ensure you’re not paying more than you should for storage, choose based on how much you need to store and your budget.

How much storage space should I rent?

The amount of storage space you should rent depends on the size of your living space:

  • A unit measuring 10 ft x 10 ft is typically sufficient for the contents of a one-bedroom flat.
  • If you’re moving items from a small house, a 10 ft x 20 ft unit should offer ample space.
  • For a larger dwelling, like a 4-5 bedroom house, you’ll likely need a storage space that’s 20ft x 20ft.

Assess your belongings and match your needs to these recommendations to ensure you choose the right size.

How big is 25 square feet of storage?

A 25-square-foot storage unit is fairly compact, similar to a large closet. It offers about 200 cubic feet of space when considering vertical storage. This size is suitable for storing small furniture, a mattress, boxes, or other miscellaneous items that you might keep in a closet.

A 25-square-foot storage is also perfect for personal items, seasonal decorations, or excess belongings that you need to stow away temporarily. For visual reference, think of a space slightly larger than the footprint of a twin-size bed with the ability to stack items up high.

Is paying for storage worth it?

Paying for storage is definitely worth it, especially if you’re seeking peace of mind. Secure storage facilities typically offer robust security systems, including surveillance cameras, gated access, and sometimes even on-site personnel, to safeguard your items. This level of security can protect against theft, loss, or damage, which might be harder to ensure at home or in less secure spaces. If the items you’re storing hold significant value—either monetarily or sentimentally—investing in a storage unit can be a wise decision to ensure they remain safe and intact.

How much do companies spend on storage?

The amount companies spend on storage varies widely based on their specific needs, the industry, and the market.

Considering the broader market perspective, the storage units market in Singapore is expected to gradually expand, with a projected growth rate of 0.76% from 2024 to 2028. By 2028, it’s anticipated to reach a market volume of $81.8 million. This suggests that businesses are investing significantly in storage solutions, though the exact expenditure per company would depend on the scale of their operations and storage requirements.

In essence, storage is a considerable, yet necessary, expense for many businesses.

What is the most popular storage unit size?

The 10’x10’ storage unit is the most popular size due to its versatility. With 100 square feet of space, it’s comparable to half of a standard garage. This medium-sized unit can accommodate the contents of a two-bedroom apartment, including furniture, appliances, and numerous boxes. It strikes a balance between being large enough to store a significant amount of items and compact enough to be manageable and affordable for most people, making it a go-to choice for various storage needs.


You’re now equipped with the required knowledge to make an informed decision when choosing a self storage unit in Singapore. With self storage prices in Singapore ranging from $2.8 to $5 per sq ft depending on location and unit size, you can determine the monthly cost by multiplying this rate by the size you need. And don’t forget extras like climate control and security features. Weigh up all the options—from general storage to specialised wine units—and find one that fits your budget and needs.

If you’re seeking self storage in Singapore, we offer affordable storage units while still providing excellent services. Book online today to get started!