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Self Storage For Valuable Items

Self Storage For Valuable Items

Many people have items of importance to them in some way. These items may be important because they have a family history. They can also be important because they have value. Leaving them around the home can create problems. Someone might easily break into a home and take them without the homeowner’s permission. Fortunately, there is a solution. That solution is to place these items in a secure facility. Taking advantage of Storefriendly Self Storage Clementi provides the homeowner with the peace of mind they need. They can rest easy knowing the items they value most are in a space that protects them from the elements and lets the homeowner get access to them whenever they want.


Protection From the Elements

The elements can take a toll on someone’s most important things. A single period of heavy rain can lead to water getting inside any home. As it does, it can quickly cause flooding where it is not wanted. Water can damage any surface. Water droplets can seep into a book and destroy the valuable pages and printed material. The same is true of ice and hail. They can easily cause damage to a painting from a renowned artist. Under such circumstances, many owners find it advisable to consider alternative places to keep their items that will protect them from any possible weather condition. Storefriendly Self Storage Clementi offers the protection that the owner needs in order to avoid damage from the elements.

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Ease of Access

Many valuable items are only used occasionally. A woman may have heirloom jewellery she’s only using certain times of the year. She might only bring it out several times year such as on her birthday. In the meantime, letting it sit in her jewellery can cause problems. A piece can easily get lost. The item might be snagged on furniture. A young child might get access to it and break it in some way. Keeping it in storage solves this problem. The owner can put it in storage and know that it is there in a secure place whenever they want to wear it.

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Family Heirlooms

A family heirloom may have been passed down through the generations. The items they have right now are something they wish to pass down to others in their family. They can keep these valuable items with them by putting it in storage at Storefriendly Self Storage Clementi. Keeping it there means something special from a grandparent or great grandparent is fully preserved for the next generation. Holding it in storage means that the items they cherish and hold dear, items that may have been entrusted to their care, will survive fully intact for their heirs to enjoy as much as they have enjoyed owning them. Keeping them in this facility offers the protection the owner needs to avoid damaging such valuable things in any way. They can count on the storage facility to keep them safe from any form of damage long term.

Protection From Theft

Storing family heirlooms at can put then at risk or theft or accidnetal breakage. You might think your belongings are secure in your house while your home, but what about when you are away at work or on a holiday? What if someone breaks in and takes your valuable posessions. What if you’re hosting a dinner party and an inquisitive child accidentally breaks your 100 year old vase? Storefriendly Self Storage has top of the range security including  facial recognition technology and unique pin code access meaning your belongs are highly secure. If you’re concerened about other storers being close to your belongigns, Storfriendly also has no man zone which are only accessable via our storage robot, keeping your belongings as safe and secure.