The Essentials of Hot Desking in Singapore

Once you have made the decisions on which hot desk company to use, the next step is to figure out what you and/or your workers need for this new routine. In this article, we will give you some valuable pointers on how to manage your new space, whether you are a boss, employee or freelancer.

Figure out the basics

As a boss or your own, you have to figure out what are some of the things you need to do your job and use that same bag each day. Laptop, snacks, chargers and earphones are just some essentials. As a leader, you must determine the “must-haves” for every workstation and let your employees know accordingly so they know what to bring. In this day and age, remember to stock each table with hand sanitisers!

Make technology work for you

Since teams are no longer guaranteed to sit next to each other, applications can aid in communication. Notion, Google Calendar and Slack are all organisational apps that can help all employees — even those working from home — collaborate online in “real time.” These apps can also help with personal productivity, as most freelancers already know.

There are also other apps which help to mitigate some of the problems that come with using hot desk — mainly the breaking up of teams and the stress of finding a seat. Google Calendar offers desk scheduling, which allows people to reserve seats in advance. You can also designate areas for certain teams to ensure that the people who need to stay together can do so.

Own Your Space

Coming to work to your own little desk is one of the little joys in the day, so having that taken away can sometimes be stressful. You could keep some postcards and trinkets on your person, and as an employer you could provide lockers where bigger items can be kept. Making sure the desks and chairs are customisable, like monitor height, adjustable armrests, and chair supports, can make people feel more comfortable in their space. Having a sense of pride and ownership in your work is important for everyone’s mental health.

Check in regularly

While hot desking is generally efficient, it may not be the best for every single person. Make sure you check in with your employees (or yourself) if you are happy and working effectively with the new arrangement, perhaps after two weeks and then monthly. Give those who find it hard to adjust more time, or propose alternative working solutions.

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