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Why store with Storefriendly?

Make Space For The Future

No Long Term Commitment

Enjoy the freedom of storage without the burden of long-term commitments. At Storefriendly, we understand that your storage needs may change over time.

Hi Tech Robotics

Experience the future of storage with Storefriendly's cutting-edge Hi-Tech Robotics.

24/7 Access & Security

Our facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art security systems, including surveillance cameras and access control.

All Day Air Con

Our facilities are equipped with continuous air-conditioning to maintain a stable climate, protecting your items from temperature fluctuations and humidity.

Friendly Convenience

Our team is dedicated to providing a welcoming and helpful environment, ensuring your storage experience is stress-free and enjoyable.

Cutting-Edge Robotic Technology

Storefriendly is the only automated self-storage provider in Singapore. With cutting edge GObot (robot) technology, experience a whole new way of storing your precious items.

Our dedicated robots store away your personal cabinets into safe and secured, no-man zones that are 24/7 air-conditioned. Have peace of mind when storing away your items with us. With facial recognition technology, Storefriendly make sure that our facilities are extra safe and super secure so you can have peace of mind when storing away your items with us.

High-Tech Security

If you store your valuable goods, with Storefriendly, we will protect them. With Facial recognition technology,CCTV on each space and security personnel, your valuable goods are protected 24/7. No one enters our Storage centre without authority. You lock your space and keep the key. Your goods secured by Storefriendly.

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Self Storage FAQ’s

Find out why Storefriendly is the place to store.

Find out why Storefriendly is the place to store.

Self Storage is your own personal Storage space. Small or large, you lock the space and keep the key. Storefriendly Singapore is your safe, clean and reliable self storage provider. We provide quality, reliable and secure storage to our customers to solve the storage problem.

Storefriendly offers easy access with a smart card and biometric security access that is convenient to our customers. You can store and pick up your items during the opening hours without any additional payment or telephone reservation. We have trolleys to assist you at the loading dock.

Most household items, business items and commercial items can be stored in our storage spaces at Storefriendly. Items that cannot be stored in any of our storage spaces include dangerous goods such as toxic/corrosive/oxidizing materials, flammable gases/liquids, gunpowder/firearms, batteries, and prohibited/controlled items and fuel or diesel. Mowers must be drained of fuel.

Storefriendly customers do not sign a long-term lease. We use a simple SSAA approved Storage agreement. You only stay for as long as you need. You can move in immediately on the day they sign the agreement. Your stay can be as short as one month and give us at least 14 day’s notice to move out. Storage fees are paid monthly in advance and can be paid by cash, cheque, credit card.

Storing your goods at Storefriendly provides a clean and safe environment for all items stored by customers. We take storing your valuables seriously. It is extremely important that your personal safety is considered when you visit and the security of the stored items in Storefriendly. Our Self Storage spaces are safe and well-lit. In addition, there are CCTV and 24/7 surveillance system in all our branches.

Free parking is available at selected branches. Please approach the front desk for more details.

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