4 Clever Toy Storage Ideas to Organise Your Home [2024]

Most parents experience this stress — toys scattered across the floor, stuffed animals spilling out of the closet, etc. It’s enough to make anyone tear their hair out! But don’t fret; we have just the right solutions to your toy problem!

We’ve got some super clever toy storage ideas to help you reclaim control of your home — and your sanity. With a little creativity and elbow grease, you can whip those playrooms into shape in no time. Read on for plenty of practical tips and tricks to get you started on the path toward organisation nirvana!

4 Creative Toy Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

As a parent living in a small apartment, finding space for all your child’s toys can be tricky. But with some clever solutions, you can deal with their playthings and keep your living room from looking like a cluttered toy store.

Here are 4 clever toy storage ideas to make your room breathable:

1. Vertical Space

One easy way to maximise storage in a small area is to organise toys vertically. Wall toy shelves, hanging storage organisers, and corner hammocks are great for getting toys off the floor and up high. Install shelving units low enough for your kids to easily access and put their favourite toys, books, or stuffed animals on display. For smaller toys, hanging storage pockets behind the door, mesh organisers, or wall pockets are space-efficient options.

2. Open Shelving Units

Open shelving units, like cubes or benches, are ideal for plain-sight toy organisation while keeping them contained. Label each cube or bin for a specific type of toy, like blocks, dolls, cars, or board books. This makes it easy for kids to put toys away in the proper place and for you to rotate their play items to keep things interesting. For a uniform look, choose shelving units and bins in matching styles and a colour scheme that fits your decor.

3. Stylish Baskets

Baskets are an attractive storage option for smaller toys, books, puzzles, clothes, and more. Woven toy baskets made of natural fibres like rattan, bamboo or seagrass complement most home styles. Label each basket with the type of items that belong inside to make cleanup a breeze for kids. Nest baskets of varying sizes together on a shelf for an organised, space-efficient solution.

4. Furniture With Hidden Storage

Kids’ furniture—like a play table, couch, ottoman or rocking chair—that provides hidden storage underneath is ideal for stashing toys out of sight in a small space. Lift-top coffee tables that raise to reveal a storage area are also useful. These types of multifunctional pieces make the most of limited square footage.

With these creative kids’ toy storage ideas, you can keep your little ones’ room clutter-free, even in a small apartment. However, there is a more efficient way to store away large toy collections. Self storage facilities offer convenient solutions to declutter your home from kids’ belongings and make your space more enjoyable. Continue reading to learn how it works.

Efficient Kids’ Toy Storage Solutions

Self storage facilities like Storefriendly are a more efficient way of storing your children’s toy collection. They offer climate-controlled units fitted with toy organiser shelf units of various sizes to suit different storage needs. For large toys like playhouses, trampolines, or ride-on cars, you’ll want a bigger unit; for smaller toys, a smaller unit will do. Our storage facility staff at Storefriendly can advise you on an appropriately sized space for your needs.

Self storage facilities also provide high security, including 24-hour monitoring, individual alarms, and insurance for the play items in your unit. You’ll have peace of mind knowing your kids’ most cherished toys are well-protected.

Another benefit is convenience. Storefriendly’s facilities have extended access hours, so you can access your unit whenever needed. Our GObot robots also allow you to easily load and unload your toys.

With some creative toy organisation ideas and the convenience of a self storage facility, you can keep your kids’ collection neat, accessible and exciting. Book online today to get started.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you store large amounts of toys?

To neatly store a large amount of toys, maximise closet space by using stackable storage bins and toy cabinets. If possible, adjust the shelving to fit each toy, ensuring a tidy and designated spot for every item. Don’t forget to keep toys organised and out of sight when not in use.

How do you organise a lot of toys in a small space?

You can maximise a small space by organising toys with multi-functional furniture like an ottoman or footstool with built-in drawers. Utilise cube storage or a small bookshelf for easy access and tidy display. A large woven basket or a toy storage mat with a basket can also keep your child’s play items contained and stylishly stowed.

How do you make toy storage?

Here’s how to create a toy storage yourself: 

  • Start by evaluating the space available and the size and type of toys you need to stock.
  • Opt for multi-sized bins or boxes to accommodate different items.
  • Use a toy shelf or a bookcase for easy access, and add labelled bins or baskets for categorisation.
  • For a creative touch, paint wooden crates and stack them to fit your space.
  • Remember to ensure all storage in your child’s room is child-friendly, has no sharp edges, and is secured to the wall to prevent tipping. This approach not only organises the toys but also makes cleaning up a breeze for kids.

How many toys should a child have?

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer to the ideal number of toys for a child. But as a guideline, aim for under 4 toys for pre-mobile infants, under 8 for crawlers, and 12 for toddlers, adjusting for the play area’s size and the complexity of each toy. This helps avoid the need for several toy racks and stimulates engagement without overwhelming the child.


That’s some clever and creative toy storage ideas to prevent these playthings from taking over your home! From using storage cubes and bins to repurposing furniture and household items, the possibilities are endless.

While the key is finding a system that works for your space and your family’s habits, don’t be afraid to experiment and get creative. Taking the time to properly store toys will make your home feel more organised, tidy and spacious. For larger collections, we recommend considering self storage units — contact us now for more details.