Storing Family Heirlooms

When items of great financial or sentimental value are handed through the generations as a family heirloom, it can be difficult and stressful keeping the items in your home if it’s too big, too fragile or expensive. If you live in an apartment or share house it can be difficult to safely store expensive and fragile family heirlooms such as old vases, jewlery or alrge bulky ones such as musical instruments and artwork. If you’re worried about keeping your prized heirlooms safe and secure, then you need Self Storage.

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Being the custodian of family heirlooms that are decades, or even hundreds of years old, can be incredibly stressful which is why it’s important to think about security. One of the best ways to safely store your heirlooms is store them in a secure Storage facility like Storefriendly. Storefriendly offers 24/7 security measures including security cameras, on-site staff, robot manned ‘no-man zones,’ pin code access and facial recognistion technology that your home just can’t match.

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By storing your family heirlooms in a self storage facility, you are storing them in a climate-controlled environment safe from water, mould and heat damage. When preparing these precious items for storage it is important to make sure they are appropriately boxed up for lengthy storage periods. For example, if you have a vintage piano wrap it in a moving blanket to protect its surface. Store jewellery in sperate, sealed containers to prevent rust damage and the jewellery rubbing and getting tangled together. If your family heirlooms are fragile, such as tea sets or vases, wrap them in tissue paper, place them in a box and make sure not to store any heavy items on top.

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Peace of Mind

Storing your family heirlooms in Self Storage gives you peace of mind that you just don’t get when you store them at home. In Storefriendly, your treasured items will be safe from the elements, safe from theft and safe from accidents and human error. With 24/7 access hours you can also retrieve or check on your belongings whenever you want to. With a wide variety of units on offer and no lock-in-contracts, you don’t have to worry about costly storage prices. If you only have one small heirloom you can rent a small storage locker; if you you have a large, bulky items such as a full art collection or musical instruments, you can rent a larger unit.