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Proper Storage Of Your Sports Equipment

Proper Storage Of Your Sports Equipment

Mess getting the better of you at home? Varied sizes of sports equipment and gears lined sloppily in the corners of the room may seem familiar. Not only does poor storage create a hassle to search through for specific items, it can also result in early deterioration. Whether you’re a hockey player, football superstar or basketball shooter, this article is the holy grail to proper storage of your sports equipment.

Proper Storage Of Shoes

Are you an outdoor enthusiast with varied sports interests? You’re most likely to have shoes catered for every sports event. Gather your football boots, basketball sneakers and tennis shoes and arrange them neatly on a multifunctional shoe rack. Not only would this keep your shoes together in one place, it also makes accessibility a lot easier. If you’re running out of floor space, consider installing an over-the-door shoe storage. This simple but effective installation can allow you to keep up to 30 pairs of shoes at once, maximising your space at home.

Laundry Bag For Storage

While laundry bags are commonly used for storing dirty laundry, it can be reutilised as a handy storage ideal to keep small to medium sized gears and equipment. They take up little room while not in use as they’re foldable and easily kept away. Additionally, since laundry bags are usually made of soft material, the gentleness of the fabric does not damage the integrity of your sports equipment. You can hang, stack, or store laundry bags in a variety of ways. This simple revamp can quickly store away items of similar kind in one common space.

Bungee Cord To Secure Balls

Bungee cords serve as a fantastic storage option for balls of various sizes. This setup helps keep these rolling objects in place securely while conserving space. Simply hook the cables to the top and bottom of a square frame to create a storage space. As these are space-saving and easy to obtain, you can easily replicate this setup at minimal costs, creating a bridge of useful storage shelves.

Not sure where to find these items in stores? Popular options include IKEA, and online merchants on Shopee, Lazada and Qoo10.

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