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Top Things Employees Look For in A Workspace

Top Things Employees Look For in A Workspace

When it comes to finding that first job after university, new graduates are becoming pickier when it comes to choosing a career. Graduates are no longer taking the first opportunity offered to them, instead, they are now taking their time and holding out for that dream position. With workplaces evolving and offering more benefits and flexibility than ever before, people can be more selective when choosing their next job. Here are the top things that employees are currently looking for in their workspace and next career move:


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Flexibility in a workplace is very important. Previously, jobs didn’t have that much flexibility. You would have to commute to work every day, do your normal 9-5 and commute back home. There were only a set amount of days for both annual and sick leaves and that was that. Now, thanks to the marvellous creation of the internet, most people can work from anywhere in the globe given they have a stable internet connection. A lot of companies are now offering their employees the option to work from home at least once a week. This is mostly offered to their staff who take long commutes to work.

Another growing trend for workspace flexibility is allowing staff to work overtime and build up a leave bank. With only a set amount of leaves in a year, a leave bank (also known as “Flexi-leave” or leave loading) gives you the ability to take a few days off here and there throughout the year without having to dig into your allocated annual leave. So people may work an hour longer every day and only work a 9 day fortnight, or just work extra hours when they want to take a particular day off work.

Workspace Culture

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For younger members of the workforce, workplace culture plays a big role in selecting a job. The environment and the people you work with can make or break a workplace, so more organisations have turned to hiring based on personality rather than merits and qualifications. Instead of just looking at a resume, employers scroll through cover letters and interview people, assessing their personalities to ensure them a coworking space where fun and like-minded people can work together and share positive energy in their work environment. This popular hiring technique has made a lot of workspaces unique. This has become so popular that people hunt through different organisations to find the perfect work culture fit for them.

One highly sought after and exceedingly popular workplace culture is the ‘coworking culture’. This workspace set up encourages creativity and collaboration and keeps the individual mind stimulated and active. Rather than coming to work and sitting at the same desk set, a coworking space is different. It allows you to sit next to whoever you want and wherever you want. It’s literally like working from a desk today and moving to the lounge the next day.

Growth Opportunities

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Growth and career progression is a very important factor when selecting a job. Most graduates work hard to get become qualified for a job. They spend years in a university to get a degree. A lot of new graduates are very career-driven and want to succeed. They don’t just want any job, they want a job where they have a clear career path, one they know that if they work hard they will be recognized and rewarded for their efforts and hard work.

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