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Make Space for Unique Hobbies

Make Space for Unique Hobbies

The recent slew of movie releases such as ‘The Super Mario Bros. Movie,’ ‘The Little Mermaid,’ ‘Guardians of the Galaxy,’ ‘Transformers’ and ‘Barbie’ has awakened our inner child.

For example: ‘The Little Mermaid’ has created a splash about mermaiding as a passion. So, while we will never be ‘part of their world,’ here are some hobbies to get us a little closer to our favorite cartoon or animation characters.

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Mermaiding: Imagine gliding through the water, embodying the grace of a mermaid. Mermaiding is a fascinating hobby that combines swimming, breath control, and artistic expression. 

To kickstart your mermaiding journey, consider taking the plunge with ‘mermaid schools’ such as Singapore Mermaid School and Splashee Mermaids Swim School. They offer swimming classes and workshops for people who want to swim in a mermaid’s costume (tails included!); classes start for beginners to advanced levels.

And if you’d like to shop for Mermaid swim gear, check out Aquamermaid and Swim Mermaid Tails.


Parkouring: Also known as ‘free running,’ parkouring is a thrilling, physical discipline that involves navigating obstacles and urban environments with fluid movements – something Spidey would also approve of.

Parkour academies such as Superfly Monkey Dragons and A2 Movements provide beginners and advanced practitioners training programs. These parkour classes offer a structured approach to learning parkour while exploring the cityscape in a unique manner.

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Toy Voyaging: If you have a soft spot for toys and desire adventure, toy voyaging might be your perfect hobby. Toy voyaging involves sending toys on journeys worldwide, documenting their experiences, and connecting with a global community of toy enthusiasts.

Joining toy voyager communities will provide you with insights, tips, and opportunities to embark on your own exciting toy voyages!

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Toy Photography: Combining photography skills with your favorite toys can be a delightful and imaginative hobby. Toy photography allows you to bring characters to life and capture stunning visuals. 

Try this hobby by attending toy photography classes. Alternatively, consider joining a community of like-minded toy-photography enthusiasts such as Plastic Singapore. Some communities organize workshops, photo walks, and exhibitions, providing a platform to learn from each other, share creative ideas, and showcase your toy photography skills.


Repairing Toys and Figurines: If you have a collection of cherished toys and figurines or enjoy working with your hands, learning how to repair and restore them can be a fulfilling hobby. It can also save you a lot of money!

In Singapore, ‘toy clinics’ such as Stuffed Toy Hospital and Forty42 also teach classes on basic toy repair. If you are hungry for more knowledge, youtube is also a place to learn about toy restoration from other figurine repair enthusiasts.

Whether you’re drawn to the enchantment of mermaiding, the exhilaration of parkouring, the creativity of toy voyaging and photography, or the satisfaction of repairing toys and figurines, there are plenty of opportunities to dive in and explore.

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