Why 24/7 Air-Con is important| Storage Space in Singapore

Why 24/7 Air-Con is important…

Why 24/7 Air-Con is important…

Lee Kwan Yew once said  “air conditioning was a most important invention for us, perhaps one of the signal inventions of history. It changed the nature of civilization by making development possible in the tropics.” Indeed, for a country where average daily temperature is 30 degrees and an average humidity of 84 percent, air conditioning is not a privilege, but a right for us. It is also essential for our possessions, and here are some reasons why having 24/7 air conditioning is vital for any storage space in Singapore.

Protects your items from mold and mildew

Due to Singapore’s rather intense humidity, items may become mouldy and even be home to creepy-crawlies. This is especially true for things made out of paper like books or paintings. They are highly susceptible to wood rot, which results in yellowed, brittle pages and they may even stick together. Light fabrics, especially natural fabrics like linen and silk, are especially prone to breaking down over time. Dampness will result in fungal growth, but air-conditioning will ensure that your precious items will remain dry, clean and odourless.

Prevents rust and corrosion

With Singapore’s humid weather, rust will also attack metal objects like instruments and electronics. For instruments, a good environment is especially vital because the metal might constantly expand and contract in the heat. Electronics may also stop working as their parts become rusted over time. Moreover, it is best not to wrap electronics in plastic as they trap moisture and instead, keep the electrical appliances in their original packaging.

Minimises odour and bad smells

The mold resulting from humidity can also cause an odour (that “funky” smell wafting from your store room in your house). This smell may be difficult to remove from furniture and clothing, so prevention is better than cure. An air-conditioned environment will prevent mold growth and limit bad smells, thus preserving your items for longer. A good tip would be to wash clothing before packing them into a storage space in Singapore it as no one wants fungus spores to spread to other items while in storage.

Have proper air circulation

Improper air circulation will also impede your ability to find and retrieve items in the future. You can rent a rack from Storefriendly to help organise and make sure there’s good air-circulation in the unit. Leave some space between your items and the wall to allow for ample air circulation.

Our 24/7 aircon facility not only inhibits mould growth, but also ensures that you do not work up a “sweat” when moving your items around. We have trolleys and ladders to help make your move-in experience more pleasant. To make things even easier, Storefriendly also can do the heavy-lifting for you. Our free move-in service means our professional movers will come to collect and deliver your items from your house into our storage facility. Click here to find out more about storage spaces in Singapore.