A Flexible Workspace for the Digital Nomad in Singapore

Our workspaces are continuously changing and adapting to new lifestyles and cultures almost every day. Hot desking allows companies to choose an open space where employees can engage and conduct their daily functions without coming to a traditional office daily. Open desking is taking Singapore by storm, and it applies the principle of a first-come, first-serve basis. These spaces allow teams to exercise flexibility and offer effective lines of communication.

Singapore Hot Desks allow companies and teams to collaborate in their services, creating an engaging environment between management and the employees. In simple terms, hot desking offers a plugin and work environment where professionals can comfortably work efficiently. Singapore Hot Desks come into categories: a private hot desk and the other being the shared spaces. In general, hot desking offers some of the following benefits to professionals who decide to use it as an alternative office space.

Accessibility to Reliable Power Outlets and Phone

A hand using a mobile phone while charging it in public

All hot desks you will visit in Singapore will come with two fundamental amenities as the essential requirement. One of them is own power outlets that get not shared between co-occupants and secondly, a stable and reliable internet connection. Some Singapore Hot Desks come with open spaces that come solely dedicated to taking calls.

In case you take up private hot desk space, you will get a permanent phone attached to your desk that your employees can use. This type of open space is highly applicable for a sales team that makes a lot of calls.

Meeting Rooms

A woman conducting a meeting at work

Almost all hot desks open spaces around Singapore have a well-designed co-working space where you can hold your meeting. Such facilities are only available via bookings. Similarly, it is common to come across hot desks open spaces with a shared lounge, conference rooms, and kitchen areas. Some other co-working spaces have gone a notch higher by creating special brainstorming areas where professionals can network and exchange ideas within their teams. Other professionals come to hot desking spaces to discuss private matters such as company strategy, planning, and finance. Such meetings demand a secure private room not surrounded by the community around the area.

Shared and Dedicated Printing Facilities

A business woman using a printer

It’s a common and fundamental amenity for hot desk spaces to have a centrally placed printer, and workers around the hot desk space can use it either via a mobile app or through web login. The printers get communally managed by the community accessing and using the workspace and the office responsible for managing the entire co-working space. You can also get a dedicated printer set out for you in your private room away from the shared printer.

Storage Space for Personal Amenities

A woman putting a book inside a storage locker

One of the primary concerns with many professionals who visit a hot desk space is an area securely dedicated to holding their personal belongings such as bags, work accessories, and other items such as clothes. There is no standard practice to address this issue, but different hot desk spaces approach this issue differently. Singapore Hot Desks allow users to leave their luggage at hot desk areas they are working on as they attend meetings or go out for lunch. Other co-working spaces have created dedicated areas with lockers and cubby hole as storage spaces for their clients. If you are using a private room in your co-working space, you do not have to worry about the storage space either during meetings or lunchtime as your room is fully dedicated to you.

Internet and Technology

A woman using her laptop

The foundation of hot desking spaces gets usually pegged on the availability of technology. Hot desking makes fair use of laptops, smartphones, tablets, and a stable, reliable Wi-Fi supply to powered the whole co-working space. The entire idea of hot desking is to provide convenient alternative office space, and for this reason, hot desking companies usually are quite flexible to their client’s needs. Some clients might not need a laptop, but a desktop would work best for them; the co-working management will provide a monitor coupled with a VGA, HDMI, or a DVI connection. All these aim to make the user’s life more comfortable as they plugin and use a second screen.

Access to Kitchen, Bathroom, and Other Areas

A man and woman bathroom sign

Singapore hot desk spaces provide amenities such as a bathroom and kitchen similar to what is available in a traditional office environment. These spaces and areas are cleaned, maintained, and adequately stocked by the co-working space management. Some hot desk office spaces provide all their clients with free coffee that is available all the time. Consequently, it’s not uncommon to come across hot desking spaces with quiet rooms meant for meditation, shower areas well stocked with lotion, and hair products. If you are a group or a team, some hot desking spaces provide meals upon request. The same perks can get extended to cover events hosted by a company in their room.