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2 Ways The Self Storage Industry Has Increased In Demand

2 Ways The Self Storage Industry Has Increased In Demand

Anyone who has been paying attention to the self-storage industry lately knows that it has been booming. The past few years have seen a surge in the number of self-storage facilities being built, and the growth doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. So what is behind this boom? Why are more and more people choosing self-storage? Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why self-storage has become so popular.

1: COVID-19

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic has started, there has been an increased rise in demand for self-storage facilities all over Singapore. The reason for this explosion since the pandemic has come from a few reasons, with many people now working from home. Because of this, the need for additional space at home to set up work offices has grown, and many people are turning to self-storage in order to move items and potential junk from their ‘workstations’.

However, the government initiated lockdowns has also dramatically risen the demand for self-storage, as reported enquiries for self-storage facilities across Singapore has risen by 30 per cent for residents and individuals. In fact, not only has self-storage been in greater demand for residents but for businesses as well, with a reported 20 per cent increase of enquiries from businesses being stated by self-storage facilities across Singapore since the outbreak of COVID-19.

In fact, all self-storage facilities have felt the increased demands of self-storage during this time, as they have all felt that self-storage has gone from a ‘luxury’ to a ‘necessity’.

2: Increase In Technology

During the pandemic, there has not only been an increase in demand, but there has also been an increase in innovation and technology. Because of this, self-storage facilities across the world are now finding innovative and smart ways to cater to the increased demands by also implementing self-storage facilities with new features. A great example of this that we have here at Storefriendly is the implementation of robotic self-storage, charged by our GObots. Our GObots help move and store your personal items in a quick, safe, and efficient manner, which helps both our staff and customers to access anything you’d like in your own personal self-storage facility. They also help with providing an added measure of security to your belongings when stored, as they can be found guarding your possessions and will only allow authorized people to access your personal self-storage space.

This increase in technology has also seen a shift in how the world at large does business, with many online businesses turning to eCommerce and dropping shipping as a way to handle less on-hand stock. This shift in professional business has seen an increased need for self-storage for many business owners, as they no longer need to use their house or personal space to store items for customers, but instead, they can rely on using self-storage to store valuables and items for their business.

Overall, with the increased demand of self-storage growing in an ever-changing world, it’s expected that self-storage will continue to not only be in demand but to help fellow residents and business owners alike.