Clever Ball Storage Ideas From Pinterest

Do you have an issue with storing balls and sports equipment? Ball storage has always been an issue for sports enthusiasts. With that in mind, we have compiled a list of clever ball storage ideas to make things easier for you.

DIY Ball Corral

Organise balls and equipment by crafting an easy ball corral. This will help secure everything instead of letting them roll out of place. All you need to get are some bungee cords, wood screws, plywood, and a few scrap tibre pieces to hold the structure in place. This simple build allows you to see through easily, saving time from rummaging through storage containers. Besides, since the storage is self-built, it’s highly customisable according to preference and sizes.

Basketball Hoop Storage

An original and clever storage idea for your room, the basketball hoop storage can hold up to four balls. Instead of a usual basketball net, the net is sewn up on the ends, holding all the balls in place. Other than the unique design, it makes for a fun addition to the room. Just imagine scoring a basket when you reach home instead of leaving your basketball on the floor — storage is now made fun and effective.

Wall Mount Claws

Wall mounted holders are brilliant designs that help keep balls off the ground, while making your wall look well-decorated with sports elements. This storage idea also helps you find all the balls you need efficiently. If you’re lucky enough to have your favourite sports player sign your balls, why not mount on these claws to show off your collection?

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