Tips for Working Remotely

With modern technology such as the internet, computers and phones, working from home has never been easier and more popular. Remote jobs are becoming exceedingly popular, especially those who work for global companies are required to have staff based abroad. If you fall into this category, here are a few tips from Workfriendly Co-working space for maximizing your workday.

Get a Dedicated Workspace

a man feeling relieved while he works from home

One of the best things of having a remote job is the ability to work from home or virtually anywhere you are given you have a stable internet collection. Although this gives you a lot of freedom, working from home can be unproductive if you live in a small space or with other people. If you do choose to work from, the best option is to have a private and dedicated workspace, whether it be a spare room turned into an office or at least a little study nook somewhere in your home. Having a set workspace reminds you that you are on work time and eliminates distractions such as loud roommates or watching TV.

If working from a separate workspace isn’t an option at home, sign up to a co-working space or rent a hot desk from a workspace provider such as Workfriendly. A co-working space is the best way to replicate a normal working day when you work remotely and is the eBay way to achieve a healthy work-life balance. It can be difficult separating work and your home life when working from home, but with a co-working space, you can create a complete divide. Using a co-working space will also give you a chance to meet new people and network (particularly handy if you work remotely overseas) and will give you all the business support and amenities you need, such as printers, concierge support and meeting rooms, so you don’t have to buy anything and try to find space for it in your home.

Set a Routine

a man writing his work routine on a notebook

It can be tempting to just work whenever you want if you work from home or a co-working space, however, to maximize your workday and productivity it’s always best to have a set routine. If you work from a co-working space this is easy; get up in the morning, have your daily commute to work, sit down and do your 9-5 and then journey home. Working from home, however, can be more difficult. With no morning commute and no need to dress to impress it can be tempting to roll out of bed as soon as the alarm goes off and then roll straight onto the couch and start typing away. However, in doing this, you start the day groggy, tired and not very productive. The morning is the most productive time of the day so make the most of it. Set your alarm earlier than you need to, get up and go for a walk or do some exercise. This will clear your head and wake you up so you can start the day fresh and alert. Afterwards, have some breakfast, make a tea or a coffee and then knuckle down for a few hours.

It’s important to take breaks when you work, especially if you have a job where you stare at a laptop or computer screen all day. After three hours, stand up, stretch and have a glass of water. Even a five-minute break from the screens can boost your productivity. When it comes time for your lunch break try to step outside and get some fresh air and make sure you eat a proper, substantial lunch to fill you up and fuel your brain for the rest of the day. Lastly, when you finish work for the day, close your laptop and make a conscious effort to not do any more work until the following day.

Digital Detox 

a woman relaxing while lying down and drinking tea

Realistically, working remotely means you will using electronic devices all day. You will be staring at a laptop or computer screen and looking at your phone all day. This amount of screen time can cause headaches and damage to the eye so it is important to have a digital detox whenever you can. When you finish work for the day, don’t start scrolling through Facebook or out the TV on. Step outside, go for a walk and get some fresh air, exercise, read a book or try cooking a new recipe for dinner. Even a 1-2 hour break from technology every day after work can make the world of difference. It doesn’t just give your eyes a much-needed break, it clears your mind and will make you less tired and more productive the next day for your day of work.