3 Top Tips to Safely Store Your Guitars

For all music lovers, your instruments are bound to be one of your most precious belongings. In order to maintain and lengthen the lifespan of our instruments, we need to ensure it is kept in proper conditions. The guitar is an instrument that requires special care to avoid damage. Safely store your guitars with these hot tips!

Never stack guitars

If you have multiple guitars, it might be tempting to stack them one atop the other to save space. However, this is a fatal error for your guitars. Instead, store them vertically, side-by-side. This will reduce the pressure on the casing and subsequently, the guitar, allowing you to safely store your guitars.

Climate control matters

Guitars need to be stored in a climate that is not excessively dry nor excessively moist. So take care to store your guitar cases away from heat sources and excessively humid areas. In some scenarios, excessive moisture can cause mold to grow within the guitar, causing the guitar to sustain structural damage.

Take note of string tension

If you are storing your guitar in your case, always remember to loosen the strings to prevent string tension. For storage over a short period of time, such as a few weeks, loosen all strings between a half step and a whole step. If you are storing your guitar for an extended period of time, it is possible to loosen it entirely, with just enough tension to hold the various parts in place.

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