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Why your business needs a self storage unit

Why your business needs a self storage unit

As an entrepreneur, cutting costs is usually the main priority. However, if you want to take your business to the next level, a wise investment would be into a storage space. Extra space can be beneficial for many types of businesses, including (but not limited to): handmade goods, e-commerce stores, start-ups and small companies. Here are some reasons why your small business could benefit through self storage unit.

Keeping long-term costs down

Even if you do have an office, rent is expensive in Singapore so it may be cost-prohibitive to have storage space within your office. For remote businesses, having just the storage facility can help keep overall costs down while expanding the business. A self storage unit will also keep your space tidy and free from clutter. Instead of renting a bigger office in space-scarce Singapore, a self storage unit is more affordable. Here at Workfriendly we have various options, from a workspace with storage areas to stand-alone self storage units of various sizes.

Seasonal Storage

This is more applicable if you have different products throughout the year, like if you are a merchant and have seasonal and holiday products. A storage facility will allow you to keep only the required stock at hand and store everything else, which helps with organisation. This is also beneficial for photographers or artists who have a lot of equipment. You can store your lesser used equipment in the self storage unit so as to keep what you have at hand neatly sorted. Having an external inventory saves you from having to use the more expensive work space at hand as well.

Reducing clutter

A storage space will also help reduce the clutter around the workplace, improving employee morale and boosting productivity. Things around the office can build up — documents, stationery, tools, not even counting inventory. Clutter also increases everyone’s mental burden: making things hard to find and just making the office messy in general. You can use the storage facility to keep things that are too important to throw but not necessarily valuable for the short-term.

Reducing extraneous tasks

Having a storage space also reduces the organisational work needed to manage inventory. Our leases do not come with contracts so you do not need to worry about future plans just yet. Our storage facilities are temperature-controlled 24/7, so as to keep all your goods in tip-top condition (less dusting required!) and no other management costs. We also sell a variety of self storage materials in the shop, like durable lock boxes, to make things convenient for all our clients.

Self storage units are beneficial in so many more ways other than the costs saved, so if you want to know more or get a quote, you can contact us here.