Home Business Ideas and the Storage Space You’ll Need

Are you thinking about running a business from your home? The advantages include pursuing a personal dream and setting your own hours. The challenges include finding enough space for your equipment and inventory. If you live in Singapore, self storage Paya Lebar is one solution for creating sufficient space in your home for a thriving business. What are some ideas for home-based businesses that might suit you?


Even with the proliferation of smartphones and selfie sticks, people still need professional photographers for a variety of reasons, including weddings and commercial shoots. You may even want to set up a small studio at home. At the very least, you’ll need extra space for cameras, tripods, lighting equipment, and a computer.



Whether you’re a copywriter or a ghost-writer, it helps to have a dedicated space at home for your work. Along with a comfortable desk, you need a computer, a printer, and probably a filing cabinet.



Making cakes and other desserts demands space for various ingredients, cooking and baking implements, an extra fridge, and materials for storage and packaging. Self storage Paya Lebar is a key way to free up more of this essential space.

cake on plate

Fashion designer or artisan

Do you make jewellery or clothes? Are you skilled at designing garments and accessories? A home business involving fashion may work out beautifully for you. Just make sure you have enough room for everything you need, including sewing equipment and fabric, art supplies, a large desk or table, and sufficient wall space to display ongoing projects.



Whether you’re working from home as a math tutor or as a music teacher, you need to make sure you’re offering students a clean, comfortable, and uncluttered space. Depending on what you’re teaching, you may need extra room for musical instruments, art supplies, books, a whiteboard, and other equipment.



There are plenty of indoor and outdoor gardens that need the attention of a trustworthy professional. If you’re operating your business from home, you may need to find a secure storage space for various gardening tools and materials, such as trowels, shovels, packets of seeds, and packages of fertilizer or compost. Your business may also involve cultivating flowers and other plants at home for sale, an activity that makes additional demands on your space. Luckily, Storefriendly offers business storage spaces to help.


Day care provider

If you satisfy certain government regulations, you can operate a day care centre from your home. The kids will need sufficient space for playing, eating, napping, and participating in different group activities, such as music and dance. Also, consider where you’ll store toys, books, food, supplies for arts and crafts, and other materials. Self storage Paya Lebar can be a boon for helping you make enough room in your home.

Day Care

Pet groomer or sitter

Looking after pets is a potentially lucrative business. Maybe you’ll be responsible for taking care of them while their owners are busy or traveling. Or maybe your business will involve grooming them. Depending on what you choose to do and how many pets you’re caring for at the same time, you’ll need more space in your home for any four-legged boarders or visitors.

Dog walker