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Emergence and Importance of Self Storage

Emergence and Importance of Self Storage

Did you know that Self Storage is becoming an increasing trend around the world? In the fall of 2010, two new television programs featuring storage auctions, Storage Wars and Auction Hunters, were released. The popularity led to additional shows such as Storage HuntersStorage Wars: Texas, and Storage Wars: New York which helped increase the visibility and interest of storage auctions. Storage Wars: Canada also debuted on the Outdoor Living Network in 2013.*

Why is Storage important?

Ever thought of throwing away your precious belonging as your were bugged by your parents to do so? Fretting over space concerns due to the enormous amount of objects you have accumulated across the years? This is when Storage comes in.

Storage are here to help you solve not only object problems but also SPACE! Hence, you can be able to enjoy the benefits of keeping your precious safe keeps.

Where does Storefriendly come in?

Storefriendly is committed into ensuring that our Singapore storage customers get the “experience” they desire. By experience, we actually mean the lifestyle from being free from a cluttered environment. We are not only your storage facility but also space experts which can assist you in transforming your life.

How do we make your life better via space?

We are innovators who are committed into delivering our promises so say goodbye to traditional storing. With new technology from revolutionary product, StorefriendlyGO, we are able to maximise space for you in a great way. We are here to stay and improve your life!

What are you waiting for?

Let us be the reason why you are able to live life to your maximum potential.

Find out more about our StorefriendlyGO, here.

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