Creative Storage Spaces To Solve Small Space Problems

Are you running out of space at home? Having to cross and rummage through piles of belongings can get extremely frustrating. Here are some brilliant storage ideas to solve your small-space problems!

Minimise clutter with stagger shelves

We all have these handy shelves lying around to make space for more items in a given area. Uniform, boxy shelving units can overwhelm a tiny space, making it appear smaller than it is. Instead, look for ladder-style pieces with narrower shelves at the top. Not only does it upgrade the overall aesthetic of your room and adds a touch of personality, stagger shelves also make the place seem a lot tidier and comfortable on the eyes.

Stack dishes with dish drying cabinets

This installation is currently popular in Northern Europe, and for us Singaporeans, this means IKEA. With design and functionality in mind, nordic furniture is undeniably inspiring for personal spaces. Not only do dish drying cabinets make your kitchen look classy, it also saves you time and trouble sorting through the hindering dishes every time you prepare a meal. Talk about a win-win situation!

Expand your storage space with stairs storage

Whether it’s a regular flight of stairs in a loft, or a shorter one of a bunk bed, stairs storage is a great way of hiding unsightly items that could give you some extra space. Instead of building regular stairs, why not consider hidden drawers that allow you to store additional cables, socks and shoes?

Cord storage behind closed doors

Last but not least, over-the-door shoe organiser is an easy and foolproof way to store away clutter. Store and label your electric cords and put them away nicely each individual holder. Simply hide the organiser behind a closed door and the mess instantly vanishes from your common space.

With bulkier items, storage may become much more of a hassle. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. With Storefriendly, we can help you find the perfect storage solution. With a variation of storage sizes, you will never have to worry about not having enough space for things that matter to you. We are open 24/7 with all-day security and air conditioning, so rest assured that your belongings are always well secured and accessible to you at all times. Contact Storefriendly to find out more about your storage options.

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