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Coworker Spaces: A Productivity Booster

Coworker Spaces: A Productivity Booster

If 2020 has taught us anything, life comes at you fast, and things change rapidly. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic put a lot of people out of work. Several businesses closed, companies laid employees off, and others were afraid to go back to a crowded workspace. Fortunately, many people took matters into their own hands and used this time to turn their side-hustle into full-time work and find that their businesses are booming. For some, starting that business or working from home is not an option. Maybe their home setup is not conducive to working from home. Perhaps they do not want to use their home address to ship or receive items needed for the business. Maybe they do not have the equipment to do their work from home. For those people, Coworking Spaces have become a great opportunity and extremely useful for their start-up businesses.

But do not think coworking spaces are limited to start-ups and new businesses. Established companies are also seeing the appeal of coworking spaces. With few small office spaces for privacy when necessary, companies are finding that employees are not fans of a cubicle’s isolation all day or the cold look of modular furniture. Having coworker spaces makes employees feel more inclusive and collaborative in company business and decisions.

Coworking spacing is a shared location setup where several employees and even companies share office space and specific office infrastructure to work. They meet, collaborate, and share different ideas, work, and networks, essentially sharing the cost of using the space, utilities, equipment, receptionist, and the necessary fees to keep an office space operational. For many, coworker spaces are trending.

Picture sizeable open space rooms, soft furniture, oversized chairs, leather sofas, board room style rectangular tables, large live plants, and a place available 24/7. Sounds heavenly, right? That is just one reason why coworker spaces are growing in popularity for independent contractors, creatives, start-ups, and freelancers. The other is the boost in productivity that is a result of coworker spaces.

Increased productivity is a positive aspect of any worker. Coworker spaces increase productivity in many ways, among them are:

Fewer Distractions in Coworker Space

businessman and businesswoman meeting in modern office using digital tablet

The difference between scheduling a meeting in your home or a coworker space is the difference between ringing phones or doorbells, interruptions from children, or the noise of neighbor’s lawnmower and leaf blowing equipment, versus a quiet, closed-door conference room. Coworker spaces are more productive because there are fewer distractions than trying to work from home.

Also, working from home can become monotonous and pull down your productivity level. Working in a coworker space can immediately boost productivity because people feel a level of professionalism working around other professionals.

More Opportunities to Network

A group of co-workers having a meeting

Multiple companies and employees are using Coworking Spaces, and the opportunities to network boost productivity. Employees can collaborate with established coworkers, and freelancers and start-ups can get connections and increased success opportunities. The comradery opportunities in coworker spaces cannot compare to the boredom that comes with a cold cubicle or individual office space.

Less Stress About Costs and Equipment

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Coworker spaces are often less expensive for companies than large rooms with many smaller offices. Besides the efficiency of coworker spaces, it is less costly than traditional offices. As stated above, rent, utilities, and building apparatus costs are shared. More importantly, though, office equipment such as large printers, copy machines, and other tools or your trade is paid for and shared by and coworkers using the space. That creates a more productive worker because of the stress of the financial burden of an office cheaper.

More Opportunities to Learn and Grow

Colleagues having a discussion

Being around people who either work in your profession or not, coworker spaces allow workers to learn from those around them. They can watch and note how successful workers do their business, manage their time, and operate businesses. Coworker opportunities give work a chance to gain new skills based on the broad number of skills people working around them have, which is a great way to boost productivity.

More Engagement in Community

A group of diverse workers doing a group hug

Coworking Spaces bring people from different walks of the community into one location to work daily. Here community not only means the people who live in an area, it means people from your city of coworkers together, and it works. Imagine the difference between sitting in a cubicle wracking your brain about a marketing campaign compared to sitting at a worktable with three other coworkers tossing ideas and brainstorming about that marketing campaign. You are more likely to develop more ideas with that group of coworkers than you would by yourself. That is a helping hand and engagement with your community, which is a boost in productivity.