The top 5 reasons to join a coworking space

In this era where more people are taking up freelance work for the flexibility and the comfort of being at home, coworking spaces still offer benefits that a home office cannot. In fact, a coworking space can help improve your work life and greatly enhance your sense of freedom.

A community of like-minded folks

Working alone can get pretty lonely, and as lovely pets are, they do not make the most motivating colleagues. With a coworking space, you will be able to mix with like-minded people as often as you like. Coworking spaces are home to diverse, yet similar people, like other entrepreneurs, remote workers and other small startups. Through time spent working in the same space, you will be able to form long-lasting relationships with your “neighbours”, and give you support during challenging times.

Opportunities for networking

Despite what Myers-Briggs tests might like to tell you, social skills can be honed through practice. One of the disadvantages of working from home is the lack of socialisation and interaction. Having a coworking space gets you out of the house to meet your fellow freelancers, giving you the possibility to land new clients.

Increase in productivity

It is a well known fact that working from home can be detrimental to one’s motivation and work-life balance. According to a survey done by the Martec Group, working home resulted in a “significant decline in mental health across all industries, seniority levels, and demographics…job satisfaction, job motivation, and company satisfaction were also negatively affected”. A co-working space can help eliminate distractions, like that new TV show you are watching, or your incredibly comfortable bed.

Creating a rhythm for your day

Being your own boss is difficult for many reasons, and the lack of external motivation — in the form of bosses and supervisors — is one of them. Having the energy of other people working around you who are also trying to succeed also keeps you motivated to stay on task. The whole rigmarole of going to an office, like the dressing up, the commute, really helps to keep the fire going, especially on bad days.

Free coffee, among other things

Here at Storefriendly, our coworking spaces have many perks, including free coffee and tea, meeting rooms, areas to chill, and more. Say no to buying expensive coffees to sit at noisy cafes just to use their wifi, with a co-working spot you will always have a place to work. All these amenities will help in productivity and give you opportunities to grow your business, so make the investment now. Unlike other coworking spaces, Storefriendly does not have fixed contracts, so you can try it out for however long you like! Why not get a quote today!