Are Coworking Spaces Worth the Expense?

In the past year, a lot of people have been forced to work from home as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. Working away from the office can prove quite frustrating, and many individuals are unable to be productive within such an environment.

Working at home keeps us safe by limiting our exposure to the virus, but what does it cost the working individual? As most people have experienced in the past months, working from home has its downside, and it wouldn’t be a surprise if they outweigh the advantages.

What Are the Benefits of Co-working Spaces?

Low Operations Cost

If you are running a startup and are on a tight budget, shared workspaces cut the budget for set-up expenses such as furniture and office equipment. Also, these spaces offer flexible membership plans to fit your work schedule. Monthly or daily payment options allow you to pay for the actual time and space that you use. For instance, an employee who travels a lot can pay for a co-working space for the exact timeframe they will need it.

Fantastic Work Environment

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Coworking Spaces are a fabulous way of promoting healthy work competition and cooperation. Having to work independently in an environment that shares your values and goals promotes a healthy work environment where workers can socialize and interact with like-minded individuals. A shared work area offers all the perks of an office without the mental constraints and pressure of working under supervision.Networking Opportunities

Working with like-minded people gives you insight and broadens your perspective in your line of work. Coworking Spaces are a hub for innovation, motivation, and inspiration that push you towards self-development, business networking, and partnerships.

Increased Productivity

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Compared to working from home, a shared workspace has no distractions or unnecessary disruptions while the workplace ambiance discourages unproductive habits such as procrastination or mediocrity. It is easier to get things done faster and more efficiently if you have access to quality office infrastructure.

Boost Your Creativity

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Working with a group of new faces constantly will challenge your line of thought by opening you up to new prospects. Also, new people tend to offer new insights into your problems and situations. More often than not, such workspaces host professionals and experts in different fields, meaning you can get quality assistance for free or at a friendlier cost.


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Paying for a co-working space is different than leasing or renting an office. It is because you can cancel your membership to suit your work and travel schedules. On the other hand, offices are a long-term commitment which only adds unnecessary financial strain and maintenance burden. If your employment requires constant traveling, you can work from any place in the world without worrying about space commitment.

What are some of the struggles of working from home?

Time Irregularities

In theory, working away from the office gives an illusion of time flexibility. However, if you have never done this before, you might have a hard time creating boundaries between work hours and leisure time.

This gives way to procrastination and an unstable working schedule. As a result, your work output and quality are affected negatively. Also, subconsciously extending work hours may lead to added stress and burn-out.

Unhealthy Working Environment

As much as home offices and work station are comfortable and personal, an individual is prone to distractions and disruptions during their work hours. It could be family members, screens and personal phone calls, or house chores.

Lack of Equipment

If we are being honest, setting up a home office can be quite demanding on the finances, especially if your work demands lots of equipment. Most common work expenses include internet charges and setting up security for sensitive documents. It could be super inconvenient if your job does not reimburse the cost of setting up a home office.

Lack of Structure and Supervision

The office offers a platform where the managerial team can easily take charge of operations and daily duties. It makes it easier to monitor the productivity of every employee. Working from home only creates an avenue for procrastination and time wastage.

While at the office, one is constantly reminded of their role by the environment and hierarchal structure. Also, working with people who share a purpose and vision acts as motivation. Thus, removing an individual from a conducive work setting may demoralize them and offer too much freedom.

Working the Solution

What happens when the office is not an option? Can the business manage the struggles of a home office and maintain a decent productivity level? On paper, Coworking Spaces eliminate the problems that come with a home workstation.

A coworking space is a shared office space that offers all the basics of office amenities. The most alluring benefit of this arrangement is cutting costs. Employees from different enterprises can share office infrastructure while maintaining individual benefits.