5 Tips to Take Your Event Management Business to the Next Level

Event management can be an incredibly exciting career. You can work all kinds of events from weddings and galas right through to corporate meetings and exhibitions. If you’re big on planning and organising, you may see it as your dream job. However, if you’re only just starting out, there can be a lot of hurdles to carving out your space in the industry. 

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Invest in quality marketing 

Marketing is the foundation of any business in any industry. However, in the services industry, marketing can make or break your company. Without a physical product for your clients to show others, you’ll be relying heavily on reputation and brand to secure new work. That’s why it’s vital to organise high-quality marketing to get your business name out there. 

Spending the extra money on an expert will see you gaining advice on web development, content creation, advertising, SEO, SEM, and social media engagement. If you’re not sure where to even begin on these things, it could help you dramatically to invest in someone who does. 

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Boost your online presence

In the digital age, your online presence is so important. We’re not just talking about a killer website either (although, that will help!). We’re talking about social media exposure. Event planning is very much about aesthetics and nothing communicates your business’s aesthetic quite like social media. Platforms like Instagram and Facebook will allow you to showcase your work to the world for free. All you have to do is create high-quality content (this is where your marketing guru will come in handy). After you’ve got your content up, you need to keep up with your engagement. Like, share, comment, and follow pages that align with your brand and your values. You’ll find your followers increasing by the day!

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Don’t waste money unnecessarily 

When you’re running a business, every dollar counts. Naturally, you’ll want to save where you can. Event planning is definitely an industry that requires you to have a workspace, there’s no question about it. You need somewhere to think, plan, and meet with clients. However, do you really need to shell out for an expensive office? 

Storefriendly offers a budget-friendly workspace solution that any small business owner is going to love. For a fraction of the cost of an office, you’ll have a fantastic little workspace equipped with free WiFi, 24/7 access, and complete concierge service. There are also handy meeting rooms in which you can liaise with clients professionally. You’ll get exactly what you need from a workspace and you’ll have extra cash to spend on the important things.

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Have brilliant event spaces handy

Obviously, an event is nothing without a stellar event space! Finding the perfect location is the foundation of event planning and everything else is planned on top. So where do you even begin to look? Storefriendly are not just offering their patrons private workspaces. They also have fantastic event spaces for exhibitions, promotions, seminars, and more. Once Storefriendly take the stress out of finding event locations, you can reprioritise and focus on the finer details. 

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Broaden your horizons

Unless you have a niche speciality, you’re going to want to be flexible with the kinds of events you plan. Being prepared to cater for a wide range of events is going to make you far more employable and is going to give you fantastic experience. However, we understand there are a lot of physical items that go into each event. Props if you will. Things like microphones, podiums, signage, tables, chairs; the list goes on! The more events you sign up to host, the more props you’re going to need. So where are you supposed to store it all? 

Storefriendly workspaces offer each client individual storage spaces with plenty of room for all tools of the trade. You’ll be able to access your storage 24/7, meaning you can host a variety of events throughout the day and keep interchanging event gear as you need it. After you pack all of your equipment away, you can then rest easy knowing it is all locked up safe and secure.