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Clean Home, Clean Mind

Clean Home, Clean Mind

Whether you’re a proponent of minimalism or just want to enjoy a clean home, the benefits of tidiness extend beyond aesthetics. From feeling comfortable in your home to being productive at work, an uncluttered environment affects almost everything you do. Whether securing Singapore Storage or organizing your closets and cabinets, taking control of your mess helps you feel more in charge of your life.

The Clutter Distraction

a woman stressed over her clutter while sitting on her sofa

Messiness causes stress by overloading your senses. Seeing and feeling so many items in your immediate surroundings forces you to focus on objects that don’t contribute to your health or wealth. In fact, instead of helping you achieve your goals, these belongings divert your energy. In addition to distracting us from more worthwhile pursuits, clutter makes us feel like there’s always something that needs to be done, even if we’ve completed everything on our to-do lists. We’re left with less energy and creativity.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

a woman placing a grey cardboard box on the shelf

Filling our living and work-spaces with clutter removes the “white space” we need for a peaceful environment. It actually detracts from space that could be used for working and relaxing. Instead of daydreaming, brainstorming or setting goals, clutter demands that we fixate on it instead of using our space in a positive way. The solution is to place excess items out of sight. If you don’t have enough cabinet or drawer space for everything you own, Singapore Storage could be the answer. Storing off-season items, holiday decor, clunky office equipment, bulky sports gear and other belongings away from your home creates a clean slate while removing these items from your line of vision.

The Cost of Clutter

a woman trying to get something from a box on the shelf

Most of us have searched desperately for a receipt or scrambled to find our keys at the last minute. This type of hunt isn’t just maddening; it can cost us money, force us to be late or even affect our jobs. Whether we have to spend money to replace lost items, pay late-payment penalties, lose out on gift cards, replace wasted food, pay missed-appointment fees or explain to our bosses why we’re late for work yet again, disorder at home can be incredibly costly. And time is money, especially if you’re self-employed. Spending minutes or hours searching for random objects is not a worthwhile use of our time.

Creating a Peaceful Environment

a woman arranging her tableware on the shelf

Lost items cause stress, so it isn’t surprising that a disorganised house can be a source of chronic anxiety. On the other hand, knowing exactly where everything is provides peace of mind. Getting organised allows you to create the ideal atmosphere for relaxing, sleeping and getting things done. It’s also easier to maintain a regular cleaning schedule without the extra work of moving clutter before you dust, vacuum or disinfect. And without the distraction of unnecessary stuff, you can spend your time, energy and money beautifying and otherwise enhancing your home.

Clutter and Guilt

a worried woman trying to figure out how to clean her clutter in the living room

Unsurprisingly, many disorganised people experience guilt. In addition to the sense of having unfinished tasks, we may feel as if getting rid of clutter means being wasteful. Fortunately, moving that excess stuff out of your home doesn’t require you to waste anything. While you shouldn’t donate damaged items that can’t be repaired, you may be able to recycle or upcycle them. And just because you no longer find an old sweater attractive or have lost interest in your collectibles doesn’t mean these items can no longer be used. Ask friends if they’re interested, or grab a few bags and head to your local charity shop.

What to Do When you Can’t Decide

a woman looking at all her clutter on the table

You’re bound to have difficulty deciding what to do with certain belongings. Whether because the item holds sentimental or financial value, you may have a moment of panic when pondering what will happen if you get rid of some objects. Hang onto these items for a designated time period. When the time comes to decide whether you still want them, enlist the aid of a friend. If you still can’t bear to part with these objects, keep them with the understanding that you’ll re-evaluate them later. It’s important to not undo the progress you’ve made in the organisational department, so place these items in Singapore Storage to keep your newly tidy place in order.