Turn Your Home into a Natural Oasis

Many people love to spend time outdoors. They participate in such activities as sporting events, going for a leisurely walk or simply absorbing the sights and sounds of nature. Such activities have been shown to relieve fatigue, reduce stress and improve a person’s health, both physically and mentally. Other people also enjoy the outdoors, but they end up spending most of their time indoors due to health concerns or other reasons. For those people, turning their home into a natural oasis can provide some of the benefits of outdoor spaces even when they are inside their home. If you are one of those people, here are five ways from Self Storage Bukit Merah, to turn your home into a natural oasis:

Create a Tropical Indoor Garden

a living room filled with indoor tropical plants

You can create a tropical indoor garden by filling your home with plants like yellow angels’ trumpet, white caladium and purple-pillar hibiscus. Other plants with large green leaves like elephant’s ears also work well. Such plants can be purchased at a garden nursery or a home store.

The easiest way to create an indoor garden is to simply keep the plants in their pots or to repot them. If you want a more elaborate garden, you can make a planting bed by using larger containers designed for that purpose. Just remember that containers need to be large enough to provide room for root growth.

You will also need a system for watering your plants. If your garden is small, you can simply water them by hand. However, tropical plants need a lot of water, so an automatic irrigation system might be a better option if your garden is large. You can create an inexpensive version by using a garden hose with a timing valve.

Use Wooden Furniture

a simple rustic room with wooden furniture and indoor plants

Wooden furniture has more of a natural look and feel than furniture constructed of metal or plastic. It is sturdy enough to provide full support and is available in a variety of styles and colors. Wooden furniture is very versatile because it can take on the look of fine furniture or be finished with a rustic look. It can also be painted, stained or left natural.

If you are good at DIY projects, you might even be able to design and build your own furniture and give it a tropical look. Although you could purchase new wood, old wood and salvaged wood also work well for such projects. If you choose that route, though, you may need to temporarily store some of your materials at Self Storage Bukit Merah.

Install a Water Feature

a small fountain with miniature plants on a table

Nothing says natural oasis like a water feature. You can buy one, or you could construct one. They come in all sizes from small tabletop units to large units that can dominate a room. You can even combine your water feature with your tropical indoor garden. Common features include waterfalls, small ponds and fountains.

To keep your water clean, you will need a submersible pump to aerate your water. You could also use a filtration system designed for aquariums. Additionally, you might need to add some chlorine from time to time. You can purchase a filtration system from a pet store and chlorine from a pool supplies store or from a big box store.

Hang Wall Paper or Tapestry

a modern living room with a tropical wallpaper on the wall

If you are not up to gardening and don’t want the responsibility of maintaining a water feature, you could turn your home into a natural oasis by hanging wall paper or a tapestry containing images related to a natural oasis. Those images could feature natural plants, a lake or a tropical garden.

Wallpaper and tapestries are available in a number of different colors. You should easily be able to find one that matches your decorating scheme. If you need to temporarily store some of your furniture and belongings to give you additional room to hang your wall paper or tapestry, you might want to rent Self Storage in Bukit Merah.

Green-Up your Décor

Another way to turn your home into a natural oasis is to use accessories that are predominantly green or bring out the green in other home furnishings. One of the easiest ways to do that is with green plants. They can be real or artificial. Try using plants of different sizes and colors that complement your décor.

You could also install predominantly green throw rugs and wall coverings. Additionally, you could place some green throw cushions on your furniture or even add some green furniture to your room. If you need a place to store some furniture while you make the transformation, you might want to look into Self Storage Bukit Merah.