7 Old School Toys We Will Never Forget

Childhoods are happy times; it was a time where happiness could be derived from the simplest of things. This is especially true for the old school toys we used to play and hoard with an unrivaled enthusiasm.

Today, many of us still faithfully keep these old school toys, as remnants of simpler times. Let’s take a walk through the past and re-visit some of the most popular old school toys that occupied much of our childhood.

1. Tamagotchi

Who can forget our little Tamagotchi? It was our first (digital) pet that we fed and cared for till the end of its days.

2. Beyblade

I’m sure many friendships were made (and perhaps, destroyed) through Beyblade battles, where we pitted our spinning-top toys against each other.

3. Gameboy

Before the Nintendo Switch, we had the Game Boy. We used to go everywhere with our trusty Game Boy, a handheld game console that could hold multiple exciting games.

4. Yo-Yo

Forget all the digital toys! Do you remember spending hours perfecting your yo-yo skills in order to impress your school crush?

5. Old School Card Games

Old Maid, Happy Family, Snap, Donkey…. The sight of these brightly coloured card packets brings back many cherished memories, where we would gather around a table during recess yelling in excitement.

6. Five Stones

Five Stones was truly a game that required mental agility, physical dexterity, and pure grit. Raise your hands if you were one of the chosen few who managed to overcome the final level!

7. DIY Styrofoam Planes

Remember the satisfying sound of cracking the different plane parts from the styrofoam sheet? These styrofoam planes were around long before the Lego hype, and it was truly a challenge to assemble the perfect plane from the various styrofoam parts.

It is hard to let go of these treasures from our past but you don’t have to throw them away. For additional space to store your precious old school toys, contact Storefriendly today!