Using Self Storage To Create a Home Office

Whether you’re starting your own home-based business or simply want a more organized place to manage your household, a home office helps keep all the business bric-brac in one place. Additionally, having a dedicated office space lets you take a tax deduction if you are self-employed. So, how do you create a good home office?  Here are a few tips from Storefriendly Self Storage. 

home office

Finding your Space

Most people don’t have the luxury of building a new room for a home office and so often turn to that guest bedroom that seldom gets used. Of course, guest bedrooms can be filled with all the extras of life, so to begin you will probably need to strip the room down to bare bones. Collect, organize and box up everything that is extra like Christmas decorations that got stored in the corner, or the art supplies your kid once loved, but now doesn’t touch. You don’t have to get rid of but instead, take it to a great storage place like Storefriendly Self Storage Queesntown.

Start by taking a fresh look at the room. Look at the light coming through any windows. Ask yourself what is important to you for being in the space. Do you want to be able to look out a window? Or, will you be less distracted if you are facing a wall? How close to the door do you want to be? All of these issues can affect how diligently you work.

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Next, decide what kind of desk will work in the room and where it should go. You want to make sure it is near electrical outlets so you can plug in things like computers, telephone, or any other necessities. Consider if a corner desk is the best option for you since it might let you maximize a small space in the best way. Other things to consider when getting a desk for all the stuff that can’t go to Self Storage Queesntown is how much storage it offers. Desks with a built-in hutch offer storage for office supplies and other necessities.

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Sitting Pretty

Once you have your desk and computer set up, next make sure you have a comfortable chair. You should invest in a professional office chair that can be adjusted so you can sit at your desk in an ergonomically sound way. A good chair also makes it more appealing to work at your desk so you may be less inclined to find yourself on the couch, laptop on your lap, papers scattered everywhere, working in a less than professional way.

Additionally, you will want to make sure you have good lighting so make sure you get plenty of lamps or install track lighting above your workspace.

comfortable office chair

Corralling The Stuff

Of course, an office needs a host of supplies such as staples, paper, tape, and even file folders so if your desk doesn’t have enough storage space you will need to think about where you will keep it all so it is handy. You can create a mini supply closet with a tall bookcase that should have almost as much room as a Self Storage Queenstown unit. If you get one with doors, you can close it up when guests need to use the room and everything will look tidy. Another option would be to transform a closet into a supply closet. Though it may mean another trip to a storage company like Self Storage Clementi, it will be worth it to have all your supplies in one space. You can invest in inexpensive stand-alone shelves to add to your storage options.

Next, you want to think about organizing your paperwork. Nothing clutters a space faster than piles of paper. You may want to invest in a small filing cabinet that can fit in a closet and then use this to file away documents you keep for years. At the same time, you will probably need two more filing systems – one for current projects and one for projects that are still in process. There are plenty of filing systems for sale in office supply companies, but also sometimes boxes that people use in their cars will fit file folders just right. You can use these for those “in process” files.