Choosing the right self-storage unit

Deciding to get Self Storage Singapore is a big decision in itself, but even after that, one is often faced with a multitude of choices — size, air-conditioned or not, storage door widths, height limitations, lift-access availability, special fixtures etc. You can avoid making common mistakes when choosing a self-storage unit by asking yourself these simple questions.

How much are you storing?

First, take a look at what you want to put into storage and the size of these objects. If it is merely a couple of items, a storage locker like ours are sufficient to store six to eight boxes of items. Locker units are a great option if you find yourself running out of space for your winter clothes, sports equipment, old books or magazines. However, if you have numerous items and might need more in the future — i.e. if you run a small business or are an avid collector, choose a bigger unit to ensure that the storage is adequately sized, allowing you to move around your self storage Singapore unit comfortably.

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What are you storing?

This may seem obvious, but many do not consider what types of items will go into self storage Singapore before choosing their preferred unit size. For a humid country like Singapore, it is crucial to pay attention to your storage size in order to keep your things well. For heat-sensitive items like books, collectibles and electronics, you should consider an air-conditioned unit to ensure that mould does not get to your valuables. Things like instruments, antiques, mattresses and upholstered furniture require temperature-controlled environments to prevent damage while in storage. For more reasons why you should choose air-conditioned storage and tips on how to keep your items in tip-top condition while in storage, read here.

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How long are you storing them for?

The length of time you are storing these items for will also play a big part in the size of storage unit you choose. If you are storing belongings for short periods of time, packing them closer together in a small unit is not a problem. However, should you require long-term storage, a large, well-ventilated unit is ideal. The extra space will be beneficial not only for ventilation, but also to provide you with a path to retrieve your items.

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How are you going to use your storage?

If you find your home unconducive for a work-from-home set up, especially as more companies move towards remote working, you could double up your storage space to include a workspace area. Our Workfriendly units are tailored for individuals who need space for storage and work space. With access to meeting rooms, pantry areas and communal lounge facilities, Workfriendly will be able to provide you with a comfortable work space solution that’s close to home.

If all these still seem very overwhelming to you, do not worry. Drop us a query, and our self storage Singapore space experts will help you find the right self-storage unit for your move in.