All You Need To Know About The KonMari Method

While students may rejoice whilst enjoying their well-deserved school holidays, parents and caregivers all around know that this time of year breeds the most clutter. If you find yourself drowning in piles of clutter, toys, and other items, it is high time for a decluttering session using the KonMari Method.

What is the KonMari Method?

The KonMari Method is the method formulated by professional Japanese cleaning consultant, Marie Kondo to tidy up any space. She shot to fame after featuring on the Netflix series, Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. She also popularised the KonMari folding method, which consists of very specific guidelines on how to fold and store your clothes.

What makes it special?

It is a minimalism-inspired method that advocates for cleaning by category, rather than by room. Marie Kondo groups your items into five categories: clothes, books, papers, komono (miscellaneous items), and sentimental items.

How does it work?

The approach is simple, consisting of a mere five steps.
1. Commit to the task at hand and imagine the ideal lifestyle you are yearning for.
2. Begin tidying up by category, in the following order: Clothes, books, papers, komono (miscellaneous items), sentimental items.
3. Break these categories into subcategories, if necessary
4. Then, hold each item in your hands one by one, and ask yourself the question: does this spark joy? If you find that the answer is negative, discard it whilst sincerely thanking each item for serving its purpose.
5. Continue step 1-4 for all items. After this, organise your space thoroughly by storing the items of the same type in the same place.

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