What makes a good coworking space?

There are many advantages when it comes to sharing a coworking space, making it the favoured choice when it comes to workspaces. Rather than being cooped up in a tiny cubicle, many would prefer having a flexible layout which fosters creativity and boosts overall productivity. Here are some attributes that make a good coworking space.

Safe storage

A good coworking space allows for safe storage of personal belongings, documents and stock. Lockers can also be one of the things that they will provide, as you’ll be able to safely lock away important items while you hustle away at work.

Proper amenities for work

Starting off with the essentials, you should select a place that ensures proper support of your workload and increases your productivity. Amenities like desks, chairs, stable WiFi connection, and printers may be some factors you would like to consider. Having proper amenities in place and readily accessible would greatly assist you in getting that productivity boost.

Privacy for meetings

Does your work require video conferencing or physical meetings often? Privacy for conversations may be one of your top considerations when it comes to selecting a coworking space. When doing your recce, find out if the coworking space offers private meeting rooms. Are the private rooms free to use with your package or are they pay-per-use? Keeping this in mind will help you save a lot of effort and money in the long run.


Security is one of the most important things. Open-floor plans and shared workspaces can sometimes undermine the need for full surveillance security as there is safety in numbers. However, a good coworking space should be well protected, ensuring that your safety and belongings are taken care of.


Having a good atmosphere increases your overall morale. A great environment does not only mean having nice furniture, decoration or cosy room temperature — it includes having an inclusive and friendly community as well. When sharing a coworking space with others, having nice people to talk to is a huge plus, as this allows potential for cross-company networking and collaboration.

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