Expert tips on packing and moving into self-storage

Packing and moving into self-storage can be a stressful undertaking. However, with some careful planning, you can definitely make the process less of a headache. Here are some expert tips on how to prepare your move into your new storage space.

Clean and sanitise everything before packing

Covid-19 has changed the way we live forever, however there shouldn’t be any changes to the cleaning products we have been using.

According to National Environment Agency, detergent and water are sufficient for general precautionary cleaning.

If you’d like to clean areas that are likely contaminated with Covid-19 viruses, general household products with active ingredients should suffice. You may wish to view the list of government-approved ingredients and their recommended contact time here.

Be equipped with relevant, high quality packaging products

The process for packing your glassware and ceramic will differ from packing your winter clothings.

This is why it is necessary to get your hands on relevant materials and tools for different items you’d like to store. For example, you’d need bubble wrap and tape for fragile items, your winter clothes should be stored in zip-lock bags with air removed from them.

You’d be pleased to know that Storefriendly Singapore sells self-sealing boxes and packaging supplies such as tape, film and bubble wrap in our facilities at the reception office – saving you multiple trips to the stationery store.

You may also consider investing in good-quality tools – a pair of scissors with long, sharp blades will help to quicken the cutting and packing process.

Be mindful of what you are packing

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Here are some tips for packing individual items.

– For fragile items, ensure that each product is totally covered with bubble-wrap, and is taped well.
– Tape an “X” across glass items like frames or mirror to prevent breakage and wrap them in bubble wrap.
– For electronics, photograph the cord arrangements so you will remember how to install them when you remove them from the box
– Store heavier items in smaller boxes for ease of movement

– Keep fluffier items such as teddy bears or blankets in vacuum storage bags. Doing this will flatten the items, creating more space for storage. If time is on your side, try creating your own vacuum storage bags!

Finally, label the boxes. If there are a lot of boxes, you may wish to label them in a specific way to help you to identify where they’d belong in your new environment. For example: Living Room_Box 1 of 10

If you do not wish to disclose the items in your box, jot the details on your notepad or phone for easy reference. For example: Living Room_Box 1 of 10. Cushion Covers, Curtains and Shoes.

Make the best out of your storage unit

Take time to plan where and how the boxes should be stored. For example, if you were to retrieve items from your storage unit often, place the items to a more accessible place. Proper labelling, colour-coding and grouping boxes of a similar category to a particular shelf/area of the storage unit can also help you to find something much easier.

Getting a storage unit that is a little bit bigger than your items is important – it allows space to stay within a safe temperature range and allows you to move around freely. If you are thinking of a long-term storage space in Singapore, an air-conditioned unit will ensure that your items will be kept in a pristine condition for longer, especially in a humid country like Singapore.

Here at Storefriendly Singapore, we provide a range of units to suit your needs, and you can contact us for a quote here.