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Expert tips on packing and moving into self-storage

Expert tips on packing and moving into self-storage

Packing and moving into self-storage can be a hugely stressful undertaking. However, with some careful planning, you can definitely make the process less of a headache. Here are some expert tips on how to prepare your items and move into your new storage space in Singapore.

Before the packing: clean everything!

To ensure minimal stress, some planning needs to be done before the actual packing for storage starts. Be sure to wash or clean your objects — especially electronics — to ensure that accumulated dust will not damage them over time. Cleaning will also ensure that you will have a much more tolerable time when packing or retrieving your items. If you have the time, numbering the boxes and writing down their contents in your mobile phone will make it more convenient in the future.

Ensure you have sufficient and high quality packaging

It is essential that one does not scrimp on packaging, especially if you are planning to leave them in a storage space in Singapore for a long time. The humid weather in Singapore might also cause the boxes to deteriorate faster. Purchase a variety of sizes and make sure you have enough, as there is nothing worse than having to stop halfway as you have run out of boxes. Thankfully, Storefriendly Singapore offers a range of good quality boxes for your needs, and packaging supplies like tape, film and bubble wraps are all available at our Box Shop in our self-storage facilities. You can also purchase them when you come down to our reception office, which would cut down a trip to a bookstore or supplies shop.

During the packing process: Strategise

Packing for storage requires a bit more planning as compared to moving, as you will need to know where your things are in order to retrieve them. Make sure to pack similar things together, like blouses in a box and coats in another. If possible, take a photo of the contents of each box or write down a general idea. It is a good idea to write the contents of each box clearly on the side of each box so you can retrieve them easily in storage.

Tips for packing individual items

– For crockery, individually wrap each item and stack the similar-sized ones together to avoid chipping
– Slip paper plates between glass ones will also prevent them from knocking into each other and cracking
– Tape an “X” across glass items like frames or mirror to prevent breakage and wrap them in bubble wrap
– For electronics, photograph the cord arrangements so you will remember how to install them when you next need them.
– Use small boxes for heavier items to make them easy to move

After: Making the best out of your storage unit

Take your time to arrange the boxes, and write a “legend” so you know where everything is. Proper labelling, colour-coding and grouping boxes of a similar category to a particular shelf/area of the storage unit can help you find something much easier should you need to retrieve something specific out of storage. Getting a storage unit that is a little bit bigger than your items is important, as it allows space to stay within a safe temperature range and allows you to move around freely. If you are thinking of a long-term storage space in Singapore, an air-conditioned unit will ensure that your items will be kept in a pristine condition for longer, especially in a humid country like Singapore. Here at Storefriendly Singapore, we provide a range of units to suit your needs, and you can contact us for a quote here.