How a Clean Workspace Can Help to Boost Your Productivity

How a Clean Workspace Can Help to Boost Your Productivity

How a Clean Workspace Can Help to Boost Your Productivity

Research by International Data Corporation has shown that workplace cleanliness is vital for the overall business success as unkempt workplaces costs organisations more than $2.5 million annually.

The main reason for this is that employees are easily distracted or waste a lot of their productive time searching for misplaced documents. Besides, disorganised workplaces attract bacteria that might infect you or your employees resulting in illness. A sick employee will always ask for a sick off.

It is said that your environment reflects your state of mind. This means a clean workplace is a recipe for creativity and productivity. The great news is that no matter the size of your organisation, it’s easy to uphold a clean Workspace to boost overall productivity and revenues.

That said, here are the top four ways in which a clean environment can help boost your productivity.

Improves Employee Happiness

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An employee indeed treats their office as their second home. This means that you should always clean your working environment just as do your home. Doing so can help you to execute your roles optimally.

Remember with a clean and organised desk, you will never waste any time looking for important documents whenever you need them. This also helps to minimise the level of distraction.

Concentrating on exactly what you are supposed to do, highly improves your overall productivity. Simply, a clean and well-organised workplace means more time for things that matter.

Boosts Your Creativity

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When you are working in an environment that makes your mind relaxed, you will have all the time to think about your company. Too much clutter on your work desk can be detrimental to you or your employee’s creativity.

Helps You to Save Money

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The most common excuse for employers who don’t keep their Workspace clean is that it’s expensive to hire a cleaner. Bear in mind that your office employees didn’t sign up to be among your part-time cleaning crew. So, set aside a small investment for the cleaning help even if it means visiting twice a week.

Otherwise, you will be forced to pay your monthly employees who spent half of their monthly days on sick leave, you will be forced to pay an employee who reports to their workplace only to spend the whole day searching for a misplaced file, you will be forced to pay for underperforming employees, and so on. So keep your workplace clean and organised always.

This is because a clean Workspace will improve your productivity, help save your time and energy, and boost the overall business revenue.

Tips on how to Clean and Organise your Office Desk

Here are small and easy tips that can help you to improve your Workspace cleanliness, save you money, and improve your productivity.

1. Organise all the documentation that you feel doesn’t require quick attention in a “later” box.

2. Always allow only the documents that you use daily or from time to time to sit on your desk. All the rest should be kept in the drawers or on the shelves.

3. Always empty your “later” box and clean your work desk before closing the day

4. Make it a regular undertaking to clean all the office equipment like printers, computers, photocopiers, and so. Eliminate the cost of constantly buying new ones by constantly cleaning what you have.

5. Implement an office desk clean policy where every employee takes their first ten minutes and their last ten minutes in the office to clean their desks.