19+ Places to Study in Singapore: Cafés, Libraries, and More

Looking for somewhere to hunker down and hit the books? You’ve come to the right place. Singapore may be known for its glitzy malls and Michelin-starred restaurants, but this island nation also has some prime spots to study in peace.

From quaint cafés filled with delicious aromas to sleek university libraries packed with rows of books, there is no shortage of great study places in Singapore. And don’t worry about lugging all your textbooks and supplies around — this city is easy to navigate, and you can find a self storage facility to safely stash your extra stuff while you explore.

In this article, we’ll take you on a tour of some of the top places to study in Singapore. So brew a cup of kopi, grab your highlighters, and get ready to explore the best study spots this city has to offer.

Top Cafés for Studying in Singapore

Let’s begin with some cool café spots to study:

1. Huggs Collective

Huggs Collective in Jurong East Mall offers personal booths for studying that guarantee solitude and comfort. They serve artisanal coffee, tea, and a variety of pastries to fuel your studying. With free Wi-Fi and power outlets at every booth, you’ll have everything you need to study for hours.

2. Prairie By Craftsmen

This industrial-chic café in the CBD (Central Business District) is perfect for studying. It has communal tables, private rooms, and lounging areas with plenty of natural light. The coffee and brunch fare are amazing, and they offer discounts as well as free Wi-Fi. Head there on weekdays and weekends before lunch to snag a seat.

3. The Book Café

True to its name, The Book Café surrounds you with bookshelves lined with reads. It has spacious tables, big windows, and a quiet, studious vibe. You’ll often spot students spread out with their laptops and textbooks. The café serves bistro-style food, coffee, tea, and smoothies. Also, it’s open late so that you can study into the evening.

With cool café spots all around the island, you’ll never lack options for places to study in Singapore. So grab your laptop, textbooks, and a strong cup of coffee and hit the books at one of these top study spots in the city. However, cafés are not the only spots available; continue reading to discover some conducive libraries for studying in Singapore.

Coolest Libraries to Hit the Books in Singapore

Our list of the best places to study in Singapore continues with the following libraries:

4. National Library of Singapore

The National Library is ranked as the best library in Singapore for good reason. With over 1.9 million items in its collection, including books, magazines, and multimedia, you’ll never run out of resources to research that paper or simply get lost in a good book. Conveniently located in the Bugis area, the modern glass building offers reading spaces on almost every level and cafés when you need a break.

5. Bishan Public Library

Tucked away in the heart of Bishan, this library is a top choice for those seeking a quiet literary retreat. Its spacious, naturally lit interior and cosy corners make it perfect for curling up with a book for hours on end. While the collection here isn’t as vast as the National Library’s, there are plenty of fiction and nonfiction titles, magazines, and daily newspapers to keep you occupied. If you start to feel peckish, there is a café on-site, as well as vending machines.

6. Tampines Regional Library

For east-siders, the Tampines Regional Library should be on your radar as a top studying spot in Singapore. Housing about 400,000 books, eBooks, and audiobooks, its extensive collection has something for readers of all ages and interests. The library’s 5 floors offer many spots to set up camp for a study session, including lounge areas, discussion rooms and multimedia stations. When your brain needs a break, head to the rooftop garden for some fresh, natural air.

With amazing libraries like these, you’ll never be short on inspiring places to study in Singapore. If you’re a university student or reside close to one, you have more options. Most universities offer study spots, which we’ll explore below! 

Best University Study Spots in Singapore

Finding a good study spot is crucial for university students. Some of the top places to hit the books in Singapore are right on campus, and here are some top options:

7. NUS Central Library

The National University of Singapore’s main library should be at the top of your list. With over 3 million volumes of print and electronic resources, you’ll have no shortage of reference materials. Find a seat in one of the reading rooms or head to the 24-hour study area. There are also group study room options if you want to meet up with classmates. What’s more, the modern space is airy and filled with natural light, perfect for an all-day study session.

8. Tzu Chi Humanistic Youth Center

Near NUS, the Tzu Chi Humanistic Youth Center has a large study lounge open daily until 10 p.m. It has power sockets, free Wi-Fi, and affordable drinks and snacks to keep you fuelled. The minimalist space creates a focused environment for individual work or group projects. It’s a popular spot, so go early to grab a good seat.

9. SMU Libraries and Study Spots

Singapore Management University has multiple libraries and 24-hour study spaces across its downtown campus. The Li Ka Shing Library, for example, features silent study areas, collaborative zones, and a huge collection of resources, while the Campus Green is an open-air hub with greenery and seating that’s ideal for taking a quick break to recharge. The University Town facilities also offer study spaces, computers, and resources for SMU students and staff.

There are plenty of studying spots in Singapore, so you’ll never be without options for places to learn and work. Keep exploring; you never know when you might find your new favourite study spot! And if you love nature, continue reading for some cool parks that you can explore as a study centre. 

Top Parks for Peaceful Studying

Singapore has some of the most stunning parks that also double as ideal study spots. Here are a few of the best options for finding your zen study zone:

10. Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park

This urban oasis spans 62 hectares and features meandering riverine trails, lush greenery, and pavilions. Find a quiet bench under the shade of weeping willows and rain trees to immerse yourself in your books — the sounds of the river and rustling leaves are enough to boost your focus. And if you need a break from the study spaces, ample room exists for a stroll along the ecologically themed river; you may also choose to spot surrounding wildlife like herons and kingfishers.

11. MacRitchie Reservoir Park

Nestled within Singapore’s largest nature reserve, this park encompasses hectares of jungle trails and a scenic reservoir. Head to the TreeTop Walk suspension bridge for panoramic views before finding an isolated picnic table to study. The only sounds you’ll hear are monkeys rustling in the canopy and birds chirping. When your brain needs a reboot, go for a hike in the rainforest or kayak on the reservoir.

12. Gardens by the Bay

This nature park, spanning over 101 hectares, provides the perfect blend of serenity and wonder. Study in the open-air Cooled Conservatories amid exotic plants, then take a break to see the Supertrees light up at night in a dazzling show. Also, the Bay East Garden has quiet alcoves and pavilions by the waterfront, surrounded by verdant gardens and the calming sounds of the bay.

With scenic and rejuvenating green spaces, Singapore’s parks offer ideal environments for peaceful studying and boosting your creativity. Pack your books, find your perfect spot and enjoy being surrounded by nature as you learn. There are also some unique private study spaces you will love to explore when looking for cool places to study in Singapore — more on these below!

Unique Studying Destinations in Singapore

If you want some exciting studying experience, consider these unique destinations:

13. The Tree Café at The Cathay

Hidden within the lush greenery of The Cathay is The Tree Café, a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle. Surrounded by tropical plants and calming nature sounds, this al fresco café offers a tranquil environment for studying. Enjoy the cool breeze as you revise for exams over a cup of coffee and a light snack. The outdoor setting may not be ideal during rain, but on a sunny day, this hidden gem is a peaceful paradise.

14. The Study Area at Singapore Botanic Gardens

For a dose of greenery and fresh air, head to the Singapore Botanic Gardens. Its brightly lit study area, located within the Learning Forest, is open from 5 a.m. to 12 p.m. daily and provides indoor or outdoor seating, charging points, and Wi-Fi access. Find a quiet corner surrounded by rare plant species, and let the sounds of rustling leaves inspire your creativity. And the best part? Entry to the gardens and study area is free!

15. Neptune Café

If quirky and eclectic is your style, check out Neptune Café. This retro-themed café, filled with vintage decor, is a unique spot for studying in Singapore. Grab a seat by the bar or lounge area and tune into the chill beats as you work or study. Open from 8 am to 10 pm from Tuesday to Saturday and until 7 pm on Sundays, Neptune Café offers all-day breakfast, mains, desserts, and a range of coffee and tea to fuel you through long study sessions.

16. Pasir Ris Elias Mall Community Club

For access to quality study time, head to Pasir Ris Elias Mall Community Club. Each room provides tables, chairs, whiteboards, projectors and charging points. Basic amenities like lockers, showers, and a minimart are also available at the community club.

The various unique study areas in Singapore—from tranquil cafés to 24-hour community clubs—mean there’s no shortage of destinations to inspire your learning. Find what environment suits you best, and get to work! Lastly, those studying in groups will benefit from co-working spaces — check out some of our top picks below.

Inspiring Coworking Spaces for Students

The following co-working spaces are ideal for those doing group studies:

17. Workbuddy

With over 45 coworking spaces across Singapore, Workbuddy is ideal for students. They offer open workspace environments perfect for studying alone or collaborating with classmates. Some locations, like the one on Robinson Road, even have private phone booths and meeting rooms you can book. With an affordable hotdesk and dedicated desk options, Workbuddy makes it easy to find the right space for your study needs.

18. The Hive and Trehaus

For a unique coworking experience, The Hive and Trehaus are great choices. Both spaces cater to students and families, providing a welcoming community vibe. The Hive has a rustic-chic aesthetic with wooden furnishings and an indoor slide, while Trehaus offers moveable walls, cosy nooks, and a playground. These creative spaces foster an energising environment for learning and connecting with like-minded people.

19. Spatial Collective

If free snacks and large monitors appeal to you, check out Spatial Collective. This coworking space provides high-speed free WiFi, printing services, and ergonomic furniture ideal for long, productive study sessions. With locations in Chinatown, Tanjong Pagar, and Raffles Place, Spatial Collective gives students affordable access to productive workspaces in central areas of Singapore.

Some other popular coworking study rooms in Singapore for students include:


  • The Working Capitol (multiple locations): Offers dedicated desks and private offices in a stylish space. They frequently host events and talks as well.
  • The Company (Chinatown & Tanjong Pagar): This company features flexible hot desks, permanent desks, and private studios in two convenient locations. Its Chinatown space has a café on-site.
  • The Great Room (Raffles Place & Tanjong Pagar): They provide ergonomic workstations, meeting rooms, and phone booths in an upscale environment.

With so many excellent places to study in Singapore, students have the flexibility to choose a coworking space that suits their needs and budget. But with this variety of options comes confusion about which to opt for. This begs the question: What really makes a great study area? Keep reading as we share some key consideration factors below! 

5 Tips for Finding Your Perfect Study Spot

Consider the following tips to determine the perfect spot for a productive study session:

  1. Look for spots with ample seating.
  2. Find locations with power outlets.
  3. Opt for spots with strong WiFi.
  4. Look for an inspiring environment.
  5. Take breaks when needed (bonus).

1. Look for spots with ample seating.

When searching for a place to study, make sure it has adequate seating, especially larger tables, so you’ll have enough room to spread out your materials. Spots like cafés, libraries, and co-working spaces are ideal since they’re designed for people to sit and work for long periods. Some even have private study rooms you can book in advance.

2. Find locations with power outlets.

In today’s digital age, access to power outlets is a must for any study spot. Make sure wherever you choose has plenty of outlets so you can charge your laptop, phone, and other devices while you study. Some places, like cafés, may only have outlets at certain tables, so check when you arrive.

3. Opt for spots with strong WiFi.

Fast, reliable internet access is essential for studying nowadays. Choose locations that offer free high-speed WiFi so you can easily research topics online, access digital course materials, and stay connected. Some schools and libraries even allow students to log in to their institution’s WiFi.

4. Look for an inspiring environment.

The atmosphere of a place can significantly impact your motivation and productivity. Search for study spots with an ambience you find inspiring and energising. Lots of natural light, high ceilings, air conditioning, minimal distractions, and an open layout are ideal. On the other hand, avoid spots that are too noisy, cramped, dull, or isolated.

5. Take breaks when needed (bonus).

While finding a conducive environment is important, remember to take periodic breaks when you need them. Studying for prolonged periods without rest can lead to burnout, reduced focus, and diminished returns. Step away from your work for short breaks every 90–120 minutes to recharge and renew your mental energy. Even taking short walking breaks can help.

By applying these tips, you’ll be well on your way to choosing a suitable option from the many studying spots in Singapore. While having enjoyable and productive study sessions is important, as a student, you’ll likely need some extra space to stash your belongings, possibly during school breaks. One excellent option is a self-storage unit, and we’ll explain why in the section that follows.

Storing Your Extra Belongings While Studying in Singapore

As a student in Singapore, you’ll likely accumulate extra belongings that won’t fit in your dorm room. What do you do with the furnishings, books, and seasonal clothing you can’t part with but have no space for? Self storage facilities offer an affordable solution — they’re flexible, affordable, convenient, and accessible!

Flexible and Affordable

Self storage units come in a range of sizes to suit your needs. For dorm overspill, a small 5×5-foot unit should do the trick. You can find self storage for as little as $98 per month. Most facilities offer 24-hour access, so you can drop in anytime to grab what you need or add more stuff.

If cost is a concern, you may want to consider splitting a storage unit with friends. As long as you coordinate access and payments, sharing a unit is an easy way to cut costs.

Convenient and Accessible

Once you find an affordable self-storage option, properly pack and label all items before moving them into the unit. An excellent storage idea is using boxes, bags, and furniture covers to keep things clean and contained. Pack heavier things at the bottom and lighter items up top for maximum stability. Don’t forget to leave an aisle down the middle for easy access.

Most facilities offer help moving your belongings. GOBots in Storefriendly’s self storage facilities, for example, help you stash off your belongings into remote locations.

With your extra belongings safely stored, you can focus on studying without clutter or distraction. At the end of the school year, simply empty out your storage unit — and you’re all set to head home for the summer with everything you need! Book online today to get started!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I study in Singapore?

In Singapore, you can study at esteemed institutions like Nanyang Technological University (NTU), National University of Singapore (NUS), and Singapore Management University (SMU), among others. For a conducive study environment beyond campuses, Singapore boasts numerous coffee centres and libraries that offer a quiet atmosphere perfect for hitting the books. Consider places like the Soon East Community Club and the Chi Humanistic Youth Centre.

Is Singapore good for studying?

Yes, Singapore is a prime destination for studying, renowned for its high-ranking universities and vibrant student life. It’s celebrated as one of Asia’s top ten cities for studying abroad, thanks to its blend of business acumen, innovative spirit, and academic excellence. Students here benefit from a robust educational system and a multicultural environment that is both stimulating and supportive.

How much does it cost to study in Singapore?

Studying in Singapore can cost between SGD 25,000 to 40,000 for a 3-year course, with public universities typically offering lower tuition fees than private ones. On average, annual fees at public universities range from SGD 8,200 to 9,600, making them an affordable option for high-quality education in a globally recognised academic hub.

Where can I study in Singapore on public holidays?

During public holidays in Singapore, you can find tranquil study spots like the Starbucks at Changi Airport across Terminals 1, 2, and 3. For a more traditional setting, head to the Central Public Library, specifically the Lee Kong Chian Reference Library on Level 11, or visit the Serangoon Public Library, conveniently located on the rooftop of NEX mall at Level 4R. These locations offer a peaceful environment ideal for studying.


There are several excellent places to study in Singapore. With the city-state boasting awesome cafés, public libraries, and university libraries, there are plenty of options to find a place that fits your style and needs. Don’t be afraid to try out a few to see which location helps you focus or makes you feel most inspired.

When it’s time to move, remember that self storage makes relocating stress-free. Simply pack up the extras in a storage unit while you transition to your new home or dorm. In no time, you’ll be settled in and ready to find your next go-to study spot in this academically friendly city. Consider getting a quote today for your storage needs!