Maximising your storage unit for your crafty hobbies

Most of us would think storage units are there to keep grandma’s antique furniture or two-sizes-too-small clothes that we have no heart to throw away. However, storage facilities can also be used for the “fun stuff”, aka your hobbies. Here at Storefriendly Singapore, we have a range of self storage units to cater to all your needs — whether you need just a small locker for your crafting materials or a mini studio — we have a place for you.

A little painting studio

Oil painting is a really beautiful form of art, but it can also be slightly messy, smelly and require many accouchements : various tubes of paint, easel, canvas, paintbrushes, turpentine, rags, and most importantly, a well-ventilated space so you do not pass out from the fumes. Here at Storefriendly Singapore, we have a self storage option which allows you to have a unit with a workspace attached. Our facilities are also air-conditioned 24/7, which means you can paint any hour of the day and not get gassed by the noxious fumes.


This is another hobby that requires a sneaky amount of storage space — all those photos, stickers, circuit machines, die cuts and more will soon start to pile up. A small locker would be great to store old albums or spare decorations, especially if you are the type of scrapbooker to do all your crafting in one go. You could store all the paraphernalia in your storage space until you have you take your yearly leave and can unleash your creativity.

To keep your Knitting inventory

Knitting is yet another hobby people recommend for “space starved” folks, and while it is true that a ball of yarn and a pair of knitting needles will not take up space, multiple balls will soon clutter up your cupboards. Knitters have a tendency to hoard (I mean, stock up) when they come across their favourite type of yarn, so having a storage facility can give you a place to keep your skints in a systemised manner. You could purchase some shelving for your storage facility and stack your yarn there in order of colour and material.

Making miniatures

As the world continues to wreak havoc, escapism seems like the only thing that truly brings comfort. That could be why making miniatures — creating a tiny, perfect world to your control — has become so popular lately. Popular Youtubers such as Hanabira and The Square to Spare have shown us the beauty of small wonders, and you might want to give it a shot. Sadly, even small things can add up so you can get a small storage space to keep your unused furniture and clothes, so you will have more space for your work. A big, well-organised workspace becomes even more important when you start getting into functional and electrified miniatures. You can also use the storage facility to store your old projects, as we all know it is difficult, if not impossible to get rid of old projects.

Here at Storefriendly we cater to all types of self storage, and should you need assistance on what type of self storage option is best for you, contact us here.