Best Short International Trips From Singapore

Singapore is a great place to make your home base. This vibrant city is home to millions of people. It’s a nice place to earn a living and settle down as you start a family. Those who are thinking about getting away for a short trip will find a great many options. There are lots of wonderful short international trips from Singapore. Proper planning is a must before you leave. You’ll want to get your items in Self Storage Bukit Merah so you can rent out your spaces. This will help you pay for the costs of the traveling you have in mind.

Hoi An Vietnam

a flooded city in hoi an vietnam

Nearby Vietnam offers endless pleasures. If you’re looking for a chance to get away and see lots of new things, Hoi An is an easy place to explore in a short time. Start with the pretty old town. This is a good place to take your favorite pair of comfortable shoes from Self Storage Bukit Merah and see one of the country’s oldest places. You can rent a bike to see the town when you’re done with those walking shoes. There’s also lots of marvelous white sand beaches. Take a culinary tour of the local street food and have a truly memorable meal.

Siem Reap Cambodia

the temples of ankor wat in the middle of a forest

Cambodia is a fascinating place with a vivid culture many people find allows them to get in touch with their spiritual side. This area is a great town to get to know the local Buddhist culture. The temples here are everywhere you look. This is the place to see the world famous Ankor Wat temples. It’s a huge complex so take the time to make sure you’re well packed. Tours are available much of the day. You’re going to want all those little things from Self Storage Bukit Merah to keep cool in the hot sun.

Bali, Indonesia

Bali is a short flight from Singapore. There are many flights that go there directly. You can get on board and be in a whole new world in under three hours. This is a fabulous place for those who want to sit back on the beach. It’s also a wonderful place for people to enjoy the famous local cuisine. Sample fresh seafood with inventive and refreshing flavors just right for a hot day. If you’re in the mood for an amazing hike, Mount Batur offers stunning views across the entire Pacific Ocean.

Penang, Malaysia

an aerial view of the city in penam

Penang is where many cultures meet. If you’re looking to explore how Malay, Indonesian, Chinese and Indian culture come together, this is the place for you. Penang is a relatively compact and close by city so you’ll have lots of time to spend walking the city’s streets. Penang National Park is full of easy trails that offer wonderful views and a chance to get a workout at the same time. If you’re done with the trails, head back to the city for lots of places to eat. This is a wonderland for those who love to eat really well.