How To Prepare Your House For Hari Raya Like A Pro

Even though last year’s Hari Raya was slightly dampened by COVID, the abating pandemic means that we can have small gatherings this year. However, the buzz of back-to-back gatherings can be stressful, but some preparations can be made beforehand to ensure a smooth, joyful time. Here are some tips on how to prepare your house for Eid!

Do a clear out

While Spring has left us in the throes of a sweltering summer, it does not mean spring cleaning should be out of the picture. Get your decorations out from storage, put away some of the clutter in your living room and get cleaning. This might be a good time to get a small storage locker if you find yourself running out of space — here at Storefriendly our smallest locker space runs at W4ft x D4ft x H4ft (W1.2m x D1.2m x H1.2m). It fits 6 to 8 Storefriendly boxes and could comfortably fit some of your old decor pieces, or books so you have a cleaner living space. You could also use a small self storage unit for your Raya decor here when you’re not using it!

Clean, clean, clean

Unfortunately, you would be doing a lot of this throughout the month. Make sure you do one big clean a week or so before Hari Raya starts. Sweep, mop and do not forget to dust windows, tops of cupboards. For TVs and other appliances, use microfibre mops. Lastly, clean the bathroom last, so you can wash the dirty rags and take a well-deserved bath. During Raya, you can do a quick mop and wipe down with disinfectant before the start of each day, but the prep that you have done pre-celebration will hopefully tide you over from having to do another big clean.

Kid proof your abode

If some of your guests have young children, perhaps it would be a great time to check that your house is safe for everyone to roam around in. Keep sharp or heavy objects away from the edges of tables or shelves. If you need to lock a room or cupboards, you can do so now. For more tips on how to temporarily make your house safer, look out for articles that talk about kid-proofing rentals or holiday homes.

Schedule your visits

With the limit on the number of persons per day, planning becomes even more vital during this festive season. Sit all your family members down and decide whose friends or loved ones would be coming on which day, and rearrange if necessary. Make sure that family members are responsible for their guests, and perhaps create a chart which dictates whose guests are coming over if it becomes too complicated. You could include the time, duration, number of guests, dietary requirements and whether food would be cooked or bought. This ensures no one will get into fights over not having their loved ones over.

Go on a shopping trip

Finally, after all the tiring work is done, a shopping trip should be made to get some decorations to add to the festive mood. Scented candles or potpourri will ensure that your house will always smell nice. One also cannot have enough garbage bags and paper towels, so remember to stock up on those. You might want to spring for actual garbage bags instead of dipping into your plastic bag stash under the sink, since the larger volume of the garbage bags would make clear up so much easier.

However, the most important thing would be to have fun. Treat your family to new outfits, reconnect with old friends, eat good food and enjoy yourself!