Maximise your Singapore Storage Unit for Photography

How to maximise your storage unit for photography

How to maximise your storage unit for photography

It is often said that a picture says a thousand words, and in the age of social media, this is even more true. Photography and videography can start off as a fulfilling hobby, and move on to become a career. However, the downside to getting more proficient at your craft is that you accumulate more tools. All those lenses, tripods, green screens and editing equipment can soon accumulate in your house. However, one way of getting around it is to get a self storage unit, and here are some ways you can use it.

storage unit

A tiny locker for lenses

If you are a freelance or hobby photographer who has assignments every so often, you might want to invest in a small locker to store your extraneous equipment that you might not use regularly. Here at Storefriendly Singapore we have a variety of sizes. Our 16 square feet lockers measure 1.2m in width, height and breadth, and can fit 6-8 Storefriendly boxes. It is big enough to fit all your necessary equipment, including lights and microphones. There is also enough extra space for you to put other things as well, like old clothes or books, to reduce the clutter at home.


A mini editing studio

Being a freelance editor can be tough — long hours in front of the computer, no colleagues to chat with, and the same old desk, day in day out. At Workfriendly, we have everything from hot desks to cubicles which would give you that office environment while being your own boss. You could rent a cubicle so you could get the perfect ambience for editing, or even one with attached self storage if you are a photographer. Workfriendly has all the remote working necessities — from pantries, meeting rooms and admin staff to help you with all your needs.

Photography studio

You could also use your Singapore storage unit as a little photography studio for all your freelancing needs. You can purchase all the shelving and lock boxes you needed to outfit your Singapore storage unit at our Storefriendly reception office as well. We have a variety of Singapore storage units, so you can use the space for anything you might need. Here are some more tips on how to turn your storage facility into a photography studio, including some creating backdrops and some of the things to take note of.

Storefriendly boxes stacked in a storage unit

Temperature controlled, secure units

We know photography equipment is expensive, so instead of trying to squeeze your cameras into yet another cupboard at home, why not have it all in one of our storage units, where it will be watched by security personnel around the clock. Our storage facilities are all air-conditioned so mould will not get into your lenses. Mould tends to grow in places with over 60 percent humidity, and Singapore regularly gets around 80. Air conditioned facilities would help slow down and even eliminate mould growth in lenses, enabling you to keep your tools for longer.

For any more enquiries, you can contact our friendly Storefriendly staff to learn more!