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5 Reasons Why People Love Co-Working Space

5 Reasons Why People Love Co-Working Space

The concept of working from home seems like paradise, until you start to get distracted by your family members and electronic devices. And, the concept of making video conference calls from your home or from a coffee shop may cause you to feel socially detached from the workplace. Fortunately, there lies a happy medium between having a traditional office job and working from home: co-workspace. In today’s post we take a look at some of the primary reasons why more and more professionals are electing to move into a co workspace as opposed to working from home.

1) Professional Growth

Co-working spaces usually provide spaces for private phone calls, meeting rooms and a professional address. As opposed to contacting clients or partaking in meetings, from a makeshift office, you can actually use dedicated meeting rooms to relay an aura of professionalism. Additionally, when it comes to receiving and sending mail, you’ll be able to use a professional address as opposed to your home address.

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2) Home Should Function As A Home

When you work from home, you can’t avoid the concept of not bringing your work into your home, because when you work from home, your work becomes home. This can cause you to feel trapped at the desk in your own home. But, by moving your tasks to a co-working space, you will rediscover how beneficial it is to separate home from your job. Co-working space can help to provide you with a productive space that you can use to handle your tasks, ultimately improving your quality of life.

3) Motivation

The idea of working in workspace with other remote workers can help to provide a sense of community. This can help to keep you social, inspired and motivated. As opposed to spending the whole day in silence in your bedroom, you’ll get to see what your peers are achieving, which will motivate you to continue to remain productive. Said in simpler terms, the concept of working in an open office space with innovators, entrepreneurs and other remote workers can prove to be energizing to say the least.

4) Addresses Loneliness

Did you know that loneliness has a negative impact on productivity, retention and creativity. These are three traits that are critical for many aspiring entrepreneurs, innovators and other professionals. The problem with working from home is that over time, you may actually start to feel lonely as a result of a lack of social interaction . Even worse, studies also suggest that productivity loss can also lead to feelings of depression. One of the more interesting reasons why people have been utilize co-working spaces is because they get the opportunity to socialize and counter the effects of loneliness.

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5) Access To Multiple Amenities

Most people would say that one of the greatest benefits of using a workspace is that they provide a high degree of freedom and flexibility. Most facilities also provide several amenities such as:

  • Outdoor Recreational Areas
  • Cafeteria
  • Gym
  • Spa
  • Smart TVs
  • Social Events
  • Free Coffee and Snacks
  • Sound Systems
  • Podcast Recording Room
  • Projectors