Downsizing Your Home: Tips And Tricks

With the recession hitting some people harder than others, downsizing one’s home might be an option for some folks. However, finances are not the only reason to choose a smaller abode — kids have moved out, or to move to a more central location — can be other reasons. Downsizing need not be an unhappy affair, it can be a time of renewal, to get rid of the extraneous things you have accumulated over the years, and less housework on the horizon. However, it is still a lot of work, and here are some tips on how to go about this sometimes-daunting task.

Sharing some of your heirlooms

Most of us will have accumulated some sentimental items over the years, which we may feel reluctant to throw out. Clothes, books, toys and furniture all hold special memories, but also take up a lot of space. One way of ameliorating this is to pass some of these items along to loved ones, with the knowledge that someone is appreciating them as well.

Kon-Mari it

Even though the Marie Kondo method is not as talked-about as it was in the yesteryears, applying her method to reduce your stash is still useful. If taking each item individually in your hands is too much work, asking if it sparks joy, and then placing it in a keep, leave and maybe pile could work. You can then donate, recycle or bin them.

Downsize Household Goods

We may also find our household goods to be too big for your new place, so maybe you would want to sell or give away your old furniture and find more ergonomic, but smaller ones. For example, you could get wallbeds, or tables inbuilt with drawers. Wall shelving is pretty common nowadays and you can find them at places like Shopee and Lazada. Since storage space is precious in a small house, downsizing also means a heightened appreciation for the things you have. It makes you reconsider what you bring into the house, so clutter doesn’t build up unnecessarily.

Use storage to hold some of your items

Once you have gone through all your items and have thrown away or given those you deem appropriate, the remaining household goods can be put away in storage. Here at Storefriendly we have a variety of storage options to suit your needs, from lockers to full storage units. You can use your storage unit for lesser used, but still important objects like winter clothes, sports items, old books and more. You can also upgrade or downgrade at your storage with a moment’s notice, as we have no lock-in contract. For more information, click here.