Coworking Spaces For The Fashion Designer

Coworking spaces have been increasingly popular in recent years, and there are a number of benefits for a fashion designer to consider. A coworking space is typically much more affordable than renting an entire office or studio, and you may find more flexible terms. Some spaces provide long-term contracts while others even have drop-in or weekly rates.

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Dedicated Workplace and Logistics

One of the primary benefits of renting or leasing a coworking space is that it provides a dedicated workplace. This allows a designer to work without distractions from roommates or children and often provides more room than a typical apartment or spare bedroom. It also removes the distractions from household chores, television shows, or that ever-beckoning refrigerator. Many designers find that having a dedicated workspace enables them to focus more during work hours and relax more during home hours because they are better able to separate the activities.

A coworking space also provides the benefit of a parcel drop and pickup location for deliveries. This allows fashion designers to receive deliveries even when working off-site such as when attending a fashion show or working non-standard hours.

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Storage area is an especially key feature of coworking spaces for fashion designers. Large items such as mannequins, designs, and textiles can take up considerable room, and it’s crucial to keep these items stored safely. A coworking storage area lets you keep these items from being lost or damaged without hampering your workspace.

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Security and Peace of Mind

Using coworking spaces for meeting clients provides several additional benefits. It provides a focused, professional atmosphere that makes you look more professional as well. No more meeting with clients at your kitchen table distracted by others in the house, messes, or lack of space. It also provides added security of meeting in a workspace instead of inviting a stranger into your home. If you’re using models for fittings, it could help protect you from harassment claims. It also provides more security for your stored items. You may have expensive fabric or unique designs you wish to keep secret. With Workfriendly,  your storage space is guarded by pin code access and unique facial recognition technology. They also have Gary the GObot you can store and retrieve your stock and inventory for you in their secure ‘no-man’ zone for added security.

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Coworking spaces also break the loneliness and monotony that can happen when you’re working alone at home. While it’s nice to have uninterrupted quiet at times to work, many people start to feel isolated and lonely, which can hamper creativity. Coworking provides a sense of community, whether you’re selecting a space specifically designed for sewing, creative pursuits, or full mixed uses.

Some fashion designers prefer to have a mixed-use coworking space where tenants have different businesses and interests. Other designers might prefer coworking spaces that are specifically created for fashion design, also known as cosewing spaces. These arrangements can provide the best of both worlds, such combining private design and storage areas with shared resources such as industrial sewing machines, supplies, and cutting tables as well as sharing common interests with the other tenants. If you’re having trouble with a design, a friend next door might be able to collaborate. The best way to start one of these cosewing areas is to get in touch with other sewers or fashion designers near you and organise a coworking space together.

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There are several key features to consider when selecting a coworking space. Do you feel that sense of community among the current tenants? Do you feel you’d fit into the atmosphere? Do they have the storage space, shelves, room for your easel or large desktops? Is the lighting conducive in terms of being bright enough without being harsh? Consider the noise level as well. Can you blast your music without bothering anyone, or can you have a quiet place when you need to concentrate?