Coworking Spaces are Taking Over the Startup and Freelancing Industry

How Did It All Start?

Coworking Spaces, also known as shared office spaces, are essentially workspaces that allow people from various backgrounds and working cultures to share a working space. It offers some amenities you will find in a traditional office and other special features such as Wi-Fi, printers, multiple conference rooms, multiple living rooms, dedicated desks, usually a small private office and other special facilities.

Workspaces are common in startups and the freelancing world. The success of some startups such as Uber, Wanderfly, and many more have been associated with Coworking Spaces. You shouldn’t be surprised that the most widely used social media application (Instagram) was convieved in a shared office space. The shared office spaces idea came to life back in 2005, and the idea is once again becoming popular around the world.

According to recent statistics, shared office spaces are gaining more acceptance over alternative working environments like libraries, coffee shops, cafes and home working offices. The statistics shows that 8% of the working world utilises Coworking spaces, 84% use a home office, while those working from libraries stand at 3%. There are more benefits from working in a Coworking office space than working from the other alternatives such as home office since you can access many services at your disposal, like ordering snacks and coffee without moving from your work environment. The following are some of the underlying benefits of working in shared office spaces.

Flexibility Is the Main Advantage

Signing up for a good Coworking space solely depends on you. It means that there is no long-time commitment like leasing a building. When you no longer have an interest in working in the environment, you can end the subscription with no overhead cost. Another advantage of this shared office space is improved productivity. In this dedicated environment, there are less chances of distractions like being disturbed by kids and other possible distractions you would face in a traditional office setup.


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Networking is another attraction of this working environment. When you are under one roof with people of common interest and from different disciplines and walks of life, you can easily land an advertised opportunity or even collaborate with them in solving a real-world problem. You will also get motivated working in a room sorrounded by people who are driven in nature, and it is almost impossible to slack off.

It’s Cost-Effective

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The main deal with working in Coworking Spaces is cost-efficiency. Starting your own office may require you to incur a lot of charges such as costs associated with purchasing Wi-Fi, installing electricity, and leasing a building. Subscribing to a shared office space plan can save your financial struggles. The huge growth of shared office spaces has been attributed to many factors. The main one is that shared spaces are favourable for startups because of the reduced costs incurred in purchasing a space. Another thing is that they are sociable and let you access everything you need.