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Medium (48 sqft)

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48 sqft Storage Unit

Approximately the size of a typical HDB storeroom. Fits king/queen size mattress, study tables and contents of a bedroom.

This storage unit can accomodate approximately 65 to 96 Storefriendly Boxes.

Approximate Dimensions


What can you fit in a 48 sqft 6×8 Storage Unit?

Bed icon


If you got mattresses you want to store away, pick one of our 48 sqft storage units. They are just the right size to accomodate up to king-sized mattresses!

Cabinet icon

Medium-sized Furniture

Fit a working desk, or even a chest of drawers in a 48 sqft 6×8 storage unit. You can fit even more small-sized furniture items if you carefully stack them up on top of each other!

Shirt icon

Clothing Items

Maybe your child has overgrown their clothes. But you don’t want to part with them yet because you’re expecting another, or perhaps you want to hand them down to someone in future.

Lights icon

Decor Items

Where do you keep your decor items when it’s out of season? You’ll need a place to store all your small CNY decorations, Halloween costumes and Christmas fairy lights.

Laptop and phone icon


We have well-wentilated spaces for your TV, DVR and photographic gear. Maybe store that old playstation you no longer use but too attached to throw away just yet…

Books icon

Books and Magazines

We know that some of you have got an *cough* obsession with books and magazines. Instead of accumulating stacks of it at home, get a proper 6×8 storage unit.