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Storage Locker

Find the perfect unit size for your needs

16 sqft Locker Storage

Our 16 sqft locker storage unit fits mostly small personal items. You can store items such as luggages, field packs, duffel bags and seasonal clothes.

A locker storage unit can approximately accomodate 8 to 12 Storefriendly Boxes.

Approximate Dimensions

Width Depth Height

What can you fit in a Locker Storage Unit?

Shirt icon

Seasonal Clothes/Gear

You wear your winter clothes on vacation once a year. That military reservist your husband/ boyfriend has is also once a year. Store them in a storage unit so you have more space at home.

Books icon

Books and Magazines

We know that some of you have got an *cough* obsession with books and magazines. Instead of accumulating stacks of it at home, get a proper storage unit.

Laptop and phone icon


We have well-wentilated spaces for your TV, DVR and photographic gear. Maybe store that old playstation you no longer use but too attached to throw away just yet…

papers icon

Records and Archives

Find a home away from home, for your records and documents. We understand you might not want to dispose important papers, so safekeep them in our air-conditioned locker units.

Toy robot icon


Make room for more collectables at home. Get that extra space for your growing collections. Perfect for model planes, cars, dolls, shoes or just about any wacky themed-collection you have.

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Tools and Equipment

Scientific equipment, microscopes, measuring gear, power tools, foldable chairs, builders’ tools – store and organise these contents in our locker units.