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Ways to use your self storage over Christmas

Ways to use your self storage over Christmas

The holiday season is finally upon us, and while they are purportedly the happiest time of the year, the stress can be overwhelming. The presents, the wrapping and the clutter can diminish the spirit of Christmas (or Hanukkah, or any Holiday one may celebrate). Here are some ways self storage can help.

Free up space

Although the year-end arrives with much joy, it also brings along with it a lot of…stuff. Decorations, presents, wrapping material, party products can make one’s house increasingly cramped. Guests coming over means keeping the house in tip-top shape is also a major worry. A storage facility can be used to keep extraneous furniture to make room, and used for storing the decorations post-Christmas.

Hide those Presents

We have all seen those viral videos of people excitedly opening their presents on Christmas Day, but with small apartments, hiding that big secret can be hard. A self-storage unit is the ultimate hiding place. You can even have the gifts delivered straight to the unit, especially if they are big presents. With the 24 hour access at our facilities, you can come by anytime to retrieve and wrap those gifts.

Give Yourself Wrapping Space

You could also use the storage space to wrap presents and keep the mess away from your house. The bigger space is also ideal for big presents like bikes or musical instruments. With more people seeing the joy of crafting and being proud of “me made” things, you could also use the space to make decorations.

Storing Extra Stock

If you have a small business, storage space can be used to keep your extra festive stock so you can profit the most out of this holiday season. Any small business will be able to benefit — whether you make custom clothes, sell soaps or candles. You can also use the extra space to pack, especially if you are sending out bigger orders this festive season.

Here at Storefriendly Singapore we are more flexible, with no contracts required and a flexible occupation period. However, knowing when you want to move out will allow you to plan and schedule.