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How To Store CDs, Film and Vinyls

How To Store CDs, Film and Vinyls

Old formats such as film, vinyl records, and CDs may be a thing of the past, but that doesn’t mean it is not worth keeping around. After all, there is a blossoming group of collectors who specialise in searching for and collecting old formats. Moreover, some of us may wish to retain this nostalgic piece of history.

To keep your precious treasures and memories safe, here are some tips on how to store film, vinyl records, and CDs!


Proper storage of film can extend the life of it well beyond its expiration date. The ideal conditions for film storage that will minimise and slow down film degradation are low temperatures and dry storage. This is why storing films in a dry and temperature-controlled environment is crucial to ensure it remains long-lasting.

Vinyl Records

Vinyl records are growing increasingly popular in recent times, and there is a whole industry dedicated to the sale and sharing of vinyl records. It is, however, a tricky item to store properly. For vinyl records, it is best to store it in a room temperature or below setting, and kept clear from any heating devices. It is also preferable to have minimal exposure to all kinds of light, and be stored in a relatively dry environment. Lastly, do not stack things on your records or stack your records on other records. While this may take up more space, it will go a long way towards preserving the lifespan of your records.


CDs is an alternative format that has amassed an army of fervent collectors. It is best to store CDs vertically in a low dust, cool, dry climate-controlled area with minimal light. It is also important to always properly clean dirt and other fingerprints from the disc before storage.

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